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Latest Celemony Articles

Anticipation Builds

When Celemony first showed their new DNA technology, which allows the pitches within polyphonic audio to be edited, the reaction was disbelief. Perhaps all the unbelievers will take another look now: the company is... Read more »

Musikmesse: And the Winner Is

The annual MIPA (Musikmesse International Press Awards) are held at the Musikmesse Trade Fair each year; the winners in these awards are decided by journalists at more than 100 international magazines. This year's... Read more »

NAMM – The Final Chapter

This will be the final installment of our special inSync Winter NAMM coverage, but don't despair, we have our full report available online, and we will be updating you throughout the coming weeks and months, as news... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2009: Celemony Melodyne Editor

Celemony's Melodyne Editor pitch-adjustment and correction software gives you an incredible amount of control over your tracks and recordings. Using groundbreaking Direct Note Access (DNA) technology, Melodyne... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Celemony has released a brand-new service update for the Melodyne plug-in. Version 1.0.4 improves the stability and interaction with various hosts. In addition to numerous enhancements, the following problems have... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Audio Ease has announced that it has updated the Mac versions of its powerful speaker modeling software Speakerphone to version 1.1. Among the new features and fixes are: Full automation of speaker impulse response... Read more »

Celemony Announces Version 2 of Melodyne Plug-in

Celemony has announced that Version 2 of the Melodyne Plug-in will make its first appearance at the 2008 Frankfurt Musikmesse. This update of the popular audio correction tool will appear later this year, offering... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Celemony has just released brand new versions of Melodyne Studio and Melodyne cre8. Version 3.2.2 solves problems related to the use of ReWire and the MelodyneBridge under Leopard. Overall performance has also been... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Apogee has announced the release of a much-anticipated dual update for their critically acclaimed Symphony PCI-E card driver and Maestro application. The update includes many new features, which include support for... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Celemony Software has just announced that their audio editing applications are now shipping in brand new versions: the multi-track Melodyne cre8 and studio in Version 3.2 and the single-track Melodyne essential and... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Celemony has released version 1.0.2 of the Melodyne plug-in. This service update delivers increased overall performance and stability. The RAM usage has been optimized, which leads to improved overall stability... Read more »

Musikmesse International Press Awards 2007

Each year at the Musikmesse tradeshow, the top product in each of several dozen categories walks away with the prestigious Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) - nominated and voted on by over 100 of magazine... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, today announced the web release of v4.6 software for the UAD Family of DSP Cards and... Read more »

Ignition Pack 2 Bundles for Pro Tools Systems

Digidesign has announced that the new Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 and Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro will be available free with all Digidesign Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE systems. Both Ignition Packs offer an... Read more »


We're excited to announce that Digidesign launched major new products today: the 003 and 003 Rack. The 003 is a new FireWire-based audio interface/control surface, while the 003 Rack is a 2-space rack version of the... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2007: Celemony Melodyne Plugin

The Celemony Melodyne Plugin lets you correct pitch and perform time-stretch functions intuitively, yet precisely. Improve vocal tracks, single-voice instrument recordings, even drum tracks with the Melodyne... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Line 6 Spider III 120 - Over the last half dozen years, you've come to trust Line 6 for cool products like the POD series, the Variax line of guitars, and some awesome processors. What you might not realize is just... Read more »

Celemony Releases a Melodyne Plug-In

You demanded it and now Celemony has delivered, releasing Melodyne as a plug-in that can be directly integrated into a host sequencer. Supported formats are VST, AU and RTAS. Now you can correct pitch and timing... Read more »

MusikMesse Report Part Two

Europe's version of the NAMM Show is MusikMesse, which opened its doors on Wednesday, March 28th in Frankfurt, Germany. Here's part two of our coverage of the newest products from all the top manufacturers. Roland:... Read more »

Melodyne 3 Upgrade Now Available

Celemony's Melodyne software has probably saved thousands of vocal tracks from getting tossed in the trash. Melodyne version 2 was able to correct both pitch and timing problems, but it had a limitation: It could... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Waves Solid Gold Bundles - Waves has spent about a decade coming up with ways to make your recording sessions go faster and sound better - way better! Now the company has assembled a new "gold standard" for today's... Read more »

Time-Stretch and Tuning Made Simple

Not only has Celemony Software announced Version 3 of Melodyne for Mac and PC, they've also developed a new, more powerful algorithm for it. With version 3, Melodyne is no longer limited to correcting the pitch and... Read more »

Mbox Turns Two

Digidesign had a clear winner on its hands the moment the original Mbox was released. And now, the company ups the ante with the second generation of this best seller, Mbox 2. Naturally, all the things that made the... Read more »

Pro Tools Heats Up with Melodyne

Right from its start almost 15 years ago, Digidesign has pretty much set the bar for music production hardware and software pretty high. Today, thousands of Pro Tools systems around the world are being used to... Read more »