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Latest Celemony Articles

Celemony Melodyne 4 Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9ByJmVn7zs Ray Williams from Celemony presents Melodyne 4 software. While Melodyne is best known for its comprehensive tools for pitch and time correction, Ray shows how you can use... Read more »

Celemony Launches Melodyne 4

Celemony has released the most extensive update to their legendary Melodyne family yet, Melodyne 4! All Melodyne versions have been updated, with enhancements to Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant, and Melodyne... Read more »

How to Create a “Shimmer Reverb” Effect with Melodyne

Celemony has posted a tutorial video on how to create a "shimmer reverb" effect using Melodyne. ("Shimmer" reverb effects include pitch-shifted tones within the reverb tail to create a lushing "shimmering,"... Read more »

Celemony Melodyne studio and MelodyneBridge and Mavericks

Celemony has released an update that supports Melodyne studio 3 compatibility with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Please note: To run under Mavericks, certain DAWs (such as Logic X and Pro Tools 11) require an update after... Read more »

Hands On: 64-bit Plug-ins

When Pro Tools 11 was released, it meant big changes. For one thing, RTAS plug-ins were no longer supported. In addition to that, Pro Tools 11 is exclusively 64-bit, so the first generation of Avid’s new AAX... Read more »

Celemony Releases Melodyne Mavericks Update

Celemony has released version 2.1.2 of Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant, and Melodyne essential. The new versions add support for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and accelerated handling of large files, and improves... Read more »

Celemony Updates Melodyne for AAX

Celemony has released a new version of Melodyne for Pro Tools 11 that supports 64-bit AAX operation. According to the company, the new version provides gains in terms of both performance and reliability, especially... Read more »

Celemony Melodyne — Essential Studio Tool

Think that you can only use Celemony Melodyne to fix out of tune singers? It's true, the software does excel at tuning. But if that's all you're doing with Melodyne, then you're missing out! You can also use... Read more »

Melodyne 2.1

Celemony has released version 2.1 of Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant, and Melodyne essential. The updated version includes a new zoom function and an intelligent compare function in ARA mode. Version 2.1 also... Read more »

Congratulations to Celemony!

A hearty congratulations to our good friends at Celemony, who picked up a Grammy at this year's big awards show. The company received a Technical Grammy for Melodyne, in recognition of "contributions of outstanding... Read more »

Celemony Wins

Our friends at Celemony are celebrating a big honor: the Recording Academy will be presenting the company with the Technical Grammy award for Melodyne. The Technical Grammy is awarded to individuals and companies... Read more »

Melodyne editor 2.0

Celemony has released Melodyne editor 2.0. The new version is designed to be even more musical, with greater editing depth, and with even wider compatibility. New features include extended timing tools, wide-ranging... Read more »

AES News: Melodyne Editor 2

Celemony introduced the latest version of Melodyne Editor at the AES show - Melodyne Editor 2. The new version supports different scales and temperaments, more powerful timing tools, ReWire integration, and many... Read more »

New Celemony Plug-in Interface

For DAW use, the current DAW/plug-in communication paradigm works fine — when you play the track, the audio being played is routed to or through the plug-in, just the way an analog signal path works. This is... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Celemony has released version 1.3 of Melodyne Editor, Assistant, and Essential. The new versions include fixes and enhancements, such as continuous lines in the time grid, double-click to quantize notes to grid... Read more »

Melodyne Tutorials

Our friends at Celemony have posted three new tutorial videos that show quickly and easily how to get more out of Melodyne. Check these out: Creating a harmony vocal track Extracting a guitar lick to MIDI Sliding... Read more »

No More Wow and Flutter!

Have older (or newer) recordings that suffer from wow and flutter problems? Then Celemony Software has a new product for you! Just announced at the London AES show, Capstan is a new music restoration program that... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Celemony has released version 1.2.1 of Melodyne Editor, Melodyne Assistant, and Essential. The new version is a "service update" that addresses various bugs and enhances the stability and reliability of the... Read more »

Give It A Try!

Been thinking that Celemony Melodyne might be an ideal tool for your studio and music composition needs? But, concerned that you won't be able to try it before you buy? No worries! Celemony now has a 30-day trial... Read more »

New Melodyne Essential

Celemony has announced a new entry-level version of Melodyne, designed for quick and easy processing of vocals, monophonic instruments, and drums. Each note's pitch, position in time, and length can be modified... Read more »

Happy 10th, Celemony!

Our friends at Celemony are celebrating their 10th anniversary...amazing, has Melodyne really been blowing minds for that long? We remember seeing Melodyne demoed at a trade show in 2000, and it was unbelievable... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Avid/Digidesign has released version 8.0.4 of Pro Tools. This version includes many fixes and enhancements, as well as compatibility with the latest Macs and Windows PCs. Celemony has released a service update for... Read more »

New Melodyne On the Way

Celemony has announce that version 1.1 of Melodyne Editor, with patented DNA Diret Note Access technology, will be released in April. The free update improves the sound quality, performance and reliability of the... Read more »

Melodyne Editor Demo Available

Celemony has posted a demo version of the latest Melodyne Editor, so you can get your hands on the astounding new DNA (Direct Note Access) technology. DNA allows you to edit individual notes within polyphonic audio... Read more »