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Latest BIAS Articles

BIAS Extends Special Promotions

In case you missed it the first time, or you were just not able to take advantage of it, BIAS has been kind enough to extend its current special-promotion campaign to run right through December 30, 2008. Here are... Read more »

MP3 Encoding in BIAS Peak Pro 6

Q: I am running the latest version of Peak Pro 6 on a dual-processor Mac G5. I have no problem at all importing MP3s for editing, but how do I then resave the file as an MP3 again? I don't see that option in Peak... Read more »

Getting Help When Using BIAS SoundSoap Pro

There are two easy ways to get help with most issues users encounter using BIAS SoundSoap Pro. The first appears in the Launch area of the application's interface. This type of help is oriented towards getting you... Read more »

Recalling User Presets in BIAS Master Perfection Suite

The BIAS Master Perfection Suite doesn't save User Presets into the Factory Preset pop-up menu. You'll need to create your own folder for presets, so they may be later recalled when needed.

Utilizing the Playlist Function in BIAS Peak Pro

Peak Pro playlists are powerful tools for non-destructive editing. Regions created in specific parts of an audio document may be compliled together in any order within a playlist. Thus you are able to rearrange... Read more »

Using the Guess Tempo Feature in BIAS Peak Pro 6

In most cases, BIAS Peak Pro 6 allows you to open an audio file with rhythmic content and automatically compute the tempo. Here are the steps: 1. Open an audio file with rhythmic content. 2. Make a selection of at... Read more »

Using the Panner Function in BIAS Peak Pro 6

The Panner function is available within BIAS Peak Pro 6 under the DSP menu. It allows you to adjust the left-to-right movement of a stereo document by drawing an envelope in the Panner dialog box (Note: Left is at... Read more »

Important Correction on the BIAS Giveaway Announced Friday!

Due to a misunderstanding on our part, we indicated that customers get their choice of plug-ins from the critically acclaimed BIAS Master Perfection Suite as part of the company's summer "Free Plug-In Promotion!" In... Read more »

Scorching Summer Promotions from BIAS

BIAS is running a number of hot summer promotions that are going to be hard to pass up! We'll take them one at a time, starting with: Effective immediately, anyone purchasing SoundSoap Pro or Master Perfection Suite... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Toontrack Music has announced that it has updated its hugely popular Superior Drummer software to version 2.0.1. Among the changes, enhancements, and fixes are: MIDI communication in ProTools 7.4 PC has been... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Samson MediaOne 5a - These compact active monitors provide clear, accurate sound with a minimal footprint. They're ideal for desktop audio and video setups, and are fully AV shielded for use near computer and video... Read more »

BIAS Releases Peak LE 6

The folks over at BIAS have informed us that there's now a scaled-down version of their flagship Peak Pro audio editing software for the Mac available. A number of new features and enhancements are included in Peak... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

BIAS Peak Pro XT 6 - Peak Pro XT 6 boasts all of the sonic firepower found in Peak Pro 6, along with a suite of pro-level mastering, sound design, and sound restoration tools to maximize the quality of your audio... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Marantz PMD580 - Say goodbye to tape forever! This single rackspace digital recorder boasts tons of great features, like ethernet connectivity and an internal browser-style interface that allows you to control... Read more »

Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” Compatibility

By popular demand, here is a list of the applications we know of that run on Apple's latest operating system. Keep in mind that this list is always updated in our SweetCare Technical Support Database, so you can... Read more »

BIAS Releases Peak Pro 6

BIAS, Inc. has announced it has begun shipping Peak Pro 6 today, a major new upgrade to their award-winning audio editing, processing, mastering, and delivery software for Mac OS X. According to BIAS, Peak Pro 6... Read more »

Confirming the Noise Reduction Using BIAS SoundSoap Pro

We're using BIAS SoundSoap Pro here, but most of the professional audio restoration software packages allow you to do the very same thing. A good technique for confirming your specific noise reduction settings is to... Read more »

Scrub Away Noise in the Right Order with SoundSoap Pro

Some audio files - particularly those you might have done years ago before the advent of modern digital workstations - may have all sorts of inherent noise. To clean the file up using BIAS SoundSoap Pro, it's highly... Read more »

“Jog Scrubbing” in BIAS Peak

Peak provides a variation of the dynamic scrubbing feature, very much like the technique often used in recording studios. This affords a greater degree of control when you are "zoomed out" in the audio document... Read more »

Eliminating Hum and Rumble Using BIAS SoundSoap Pro

One of the most common problems encountered when recording in a home project studio (or even some high-end facilities) is hum (usually caused by ground problems or when there are a lot of fluorescent lights) and... Read more »

Using BIAS GateEx to Improve Dialog Recordings

Part of the company's Master Perfection Suite of plug-ins, GateEx is a superb tool for minimizing the presence of background noise in a dialog recording (though it could be used on any acoustic instrument recording... Read more »

Real World Application of BIAS PitchCraft

Although it is not the only software available that can perform ultra-sophisticated pitch correction on a vocal (or solo instrumental) recording, BIAS PitchCraft comes as part of the company's Master Perfection... Read more »

BIAS Repli-Q in the Real World

Repli-Q is a powerful spectral matching/balancing plug-in included in BIAS Master Perfection Suite. It's designed to analyze, edit, and compare the spectral content of master audio recordings. Once analysis has... Read more »

BIAS Ships Master Perfection Suite for Mac and Windows

BIAS, Inc. has announced that the Master Perfection Suite, a powerful ensemble of six professional audio processing plug-ins, has been updated to version 1.2 and now supports additional host applications on Mac and... Read more »