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Latest BIAS Articles

Tube Bias

A small direct voltage applied to the grid of a vacuum tube to move its operating point into a more linear range so as to reduce distortion.

Bias Closes Doors

Sad news...Bias, Inc., purveyors of Peak audio editing software, SoundSoap noise removal software, and other music/audio software has ceased operation, closing their doors permanently. There is no news at this point... Read more »

Peak Pro 7.0.3

BIAS has released version 7.0.3 of Peak Pro. The new version includes optimizations for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) operation, new DDP verification and playback, and other enhancements.

Bias Tubes Every Time?

Q: Do I really have to re-bias my amp every time I change the tubes? A: Bias adjustment is only required for power tubes, so if you change preamp tubes, no. For best performance, yes, it is ideal to check the bias... Read more »

NAMM News: BIAS Peak Studio

Masters of Mac-based mastering and restoration, BIAS has added Peak Studio to their lineup of high-performance software. This software suite offers comprehensive tools for audio editing, mastering, and delivery. It... Read more »

Which Peak Studio?

Q: I want to buy BIAS Peak Studio, but not sure if I need XT or the new one. Can you help me figure out what the differences are? A: Sure, we're happy to clarify. There are now two versions of BIAS Peak Studio. The... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2011: Bias Peak Studio

Masters of Mac-based mastering and restoration, BIAS has added Peak Studio to their lineup of high-performance software. This software suite offers comprehensive tools for audio editing, mastering, and delivery. It... Read more »

Extended BIAS

BIAS has extended their special summer promotion through September 30, 2010. Purchase Peak LE 6, get free SoundSoap LE ($49.95 US value) Purchase Peak Pro 6, get free DDP Export ($199 US value) Purchase SoundSoap... Read more »

Son of Rebate-o-rama

Manufacturer: BIAS Rebate: Purchase Peak LE 6, get SoundSoap LE free! Effective Dates: 07/10/10 through 08/31/10 The Deal: Receive a free copy of SoundSoap LE with purchase of Peak LE 6. Manufacturer: BIAS Rebate:... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

BIAS have released version 2.4 of SoundSoap. The new version includes a variety of enhancements, such as local tool tips, Pro Tools 8 compatibility, and more.

UPdates & UPgrades

BIAS has released version 6.2 of Peak Pro. The new release includes a number of fixes.

Eazy Pitch

BIAS has announced PitchCraft EZ, a new plug-in for pitch correction and special effects. Based on PitchCraft, the new plug focuses on ease of use and quick, pro-quality results, with a minimal learning curve.

NEWS: BIAS SoundSoap Pro II

I've been using BIAS SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro as part of my software tool kit since they were released. They're great for quickly removing noise from otherwise good tracks. Now, BIAS has kicked things up with... Read more »

127th AES Convention: Bias SoundSoap Pro 2

Easy noise removal! SoundSoap Pro 2 makes cleaning up your audio a snap. Whether you're removing pesky clicks and crackles, hums and buzzes, or even low-frequency rumbles, you can count on SoundSoap Pro 2 to do the... Read more »

SoundSoap Pro 2

BIAS has released version 2 of their popular SoundSoap Pro advanced noise reduction software. SoundSoap Pro 2 supports Mac (G4, G5, or Intel) and Windows (XP and Vista) running stand-alone or using the Audio Units... Read more »

Promo Extension

BIAS, makers of such stellar software as Peak Pro and SoundSoap 2, have announced that they are extending their "buy one, get one free" promotion through June 30, 2009. Here's how it works: Purchase the Master... Read more »

BIAS Promotions

Speaking of BIAS, the company is offering three promotions right now: Buy Peak Pro 6, receive DDP Export and any Master Perfection Suite plug-in free! Buy SoundSoap Pro or Master Perfection Suite, get the other... Read more »

Cleaner Sound 2

BIAS has announced SoundSoap Pro 2, the latest version of the professional noise reduction and audio restoration plug-in. Changes in this version include ANR (Adaptive Noise Reduction, which uses advanced algorithms... Read more »

Musikmesse: BIAS Master Perfection Plug-ins

BIAS has announced that the six audio plug-ins from the Master Perfection Suite will be available separately.

Updates and Upgrades

AKAI has announced version 2.0 operating system software for the MPC5000. The new OS features more than 25 improvements to the MPC, many of which were based on user requests and feedback. The update is a free... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

BIAS has updated Peak - including the Pro, LE, and Express versions - to v6.0.5. Audio Ease has updated Altiverb to v6.3.1. The new version includes fixes to both the VST and TDM versions.

Updates and Upgrades

Roxio's new Toast 10 Titanium, the latest version of the company's do-it-all disc-burning and file-converting application, is now available. This new version adds enhanced iPhone streaming, TIVo support, an... Read more »

Gender Transformation Using BIAS PitchCraft

Ever wished you had a member of the opposite sex handy to join you in a duet? Or, maybe you want some female or male backup singers. If that's the case, BIAS PitchCraft, which is part of the company's Master... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

BIAS has informed us that it has posted version 6.0.4 of both its Peak Pro and Peak LE audio editing software. There's also an upgrade available for SoundSoap Pro to version 1.2.1. Registered users can download... Read more »