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Latest Avid Articles

How to Connect External Hardware Processors to Pro Tools

Q: I want to incorporate external hardware EQs and compressors into my mixes in Pro Tools. Should I connect them to inserts or is it better to put them on the outputs of my rig (I use a Dangerous Music 2-bus summing... Read more »

Exclusive video! Watch, listen, and learn as studio pros mix a Counting Crows hit!

Free Downloadable Pro Tools Sessions! Go inside Sweetwater Studios with Mark Hornsby and Shawn Dealey as they take you through the entire process of mixing one of Counting Crows' biggest hits, "Mr. Jones." Recorded... Read more »

Avid Venue 4.5 for S3L

Avid has announced Venue version 4.5 software for S3l. The new version supports sharing I/O across two or more systems with auto gain tracking, adds support for 64-bit Pro Tools AAX plug-ins, allows customizing the... Read more »

Why is Pro Tools Automation Control Grayed Out?

Q: I have automation recorded into my tracks in Pro Tools, but in the Mix window, the automation control is grayed out and italic — I can't get the automation to work at all. What did I do? A: More than likely... Read more »

Pro Tools Bounce to Disk At Wrong Sample Rate?

Q: I'm using the Bounce-to-Disk function in Pro Tools, but it's bouncing my files at the wrong sample rate. My session is at 44.1kHz, but the bounces are at 48kHz. I'm not asking it to do sample rate conversion... Read more »

Easy Bus Naming in PT

Avid Pro Tools allows you to easily rename buses without having to go into the IO Setup dialog. Simply right-click on the bus assignment and a window will open allowing you to rename the bus. Fast and easy!

Hands On: Avid S6

When you’re in a production environment, getting things done quickly and efficiently is key to success. Avid has always provided tools that allow professionals to get the job done, including a lineage of control... Read more »

Avid Everywhere

Big news from Avid! The company recently held their inaugural Avid Customer Association gathering in Las Vegas, just prior to the opening of the big annual NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention and... Read more »

Cascading Converters into Apollo Twin

Q: I have a new Universal Audio Apollo Twin that I want to use as my primary audio interface for my iMac recording setup. I saw your video on the Sweetwater website about the Apollo Twin, where you indicated that I... Read more »

Temporarily Defeating a Group in Pro Tools

One of the most practical collection of features in Pro Tools has to do with creating and using Groups — you can group tracks, and whatever actions you perform on one track will also take place on any grouped... Read more »

Avid Artist Series and Home Networks

Q: The cable modem that my computer is connected to for Internet access is also an Ethernet router. Can I connect my Avid Artist Series controller to it? My computer only has one Ethernet jack. A: It's best to place... Read more »

Avid Artist Series and Computer Sleep

Avid Artist Series/EUCON Tip: Computer sleep modes can cause connectivity issues with EUCON — if your computer goes to sleep while EUCON is active, connectivity will likely be lost. In some cases you can... Read more »

Avid EuControl 3.1.2

Avid has released version 3.1.2 EuControl software for Mac and Windows. The new version provides significantly enhanced performance. This update requires: Mac Intel Mac running OS X 10.8 or higher Windows 1GHz or... Read more »

New Mac Pro Officially Qualified by Avid

Avid has officially qualified the new 2013 Apple Mac Pro computers for use with Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools 11 HD. Use of the Mac Pro with Magma and Sonnet expansion chassis has also been qualified. Avid has also... Read more »

Handy Playlist Commands in Pro Tools

Using multiple playlists to record or comp tracks in Pro Tools can really make the process faster and much more efficient. Here are some handy key commands that will increase your speed when using playlists by... Read more »

How to Configure the Edit Window Tool Bar in Pro Tools

Did you know that you can configure the Edit Window tool bar in Avid Pro Tools however you like? Simply open the Edit Window, then right-click in the tool bar area at the top or click the down-facing arrow at the... Read more »

How to Load a Pro Tools Session with Plug-ins Disabled

There are times when it is useful to be able to load a Pro Tools session with whatever plug-ins are instantiated in that session disabled or inactive. The biggest reason to do this is that a session with no active... Read more »

Avid Announces Sibelius 7.5

Avid has announced Sibelius 7.5, the latest version of their best-selling music notation program. Version 7.5 is designed to make it faster and easier than ever to create music for live performance, film and... Read more »

Batch Fades in Pro Tools

Q: I'm editing drumset tracks in Pro Tools and I'm ending up with tons of small clips that all need a short fade-in and fade-out to prevent clips and pops. Is there a way to fade all those clips at once, with a... Read more »

Avid Releases Pro Tools 11.1.2

Avid has released version 11.1.2 of Pro Tools 11. The new version provides official support for Mac OS X 10.9.1, which introduced incompatibilities with earlier versions of Pro Tools.

Avid Standalone Eleven Rack Editor Now Available

Avid has released a free, downloadable standalone editor for their Eleven Rack. The editor has the same look, feel, and functionality as the Eleven Rack editor window in Pro Tools, but is a separate app that can be... Read more »

Avid Sibelius 7.5 Overview – Sweetwater at Winter NAMM 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMtgGbvv-K8 Jeremiah from Avid gives an overview of the new features in Sibelius 7.5 notation and composition software.

Avid S6 Control Surface Overview – Sweetwater Minute Vol. 222

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkW-K-tPQK8 Learn all about the Avid S6 control surface at Sweetwater here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/avid/S6/ Mitch Gallagher takes an in-depth tour of Avid's S6... Read more »

Apple OS X 10.9.1 and Avid Hardware

A note from our friends at Avid: Please Note: Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks is not approved at this time and should not be used until Avid announces support for it. Attempting to use Mac OS X 10.9.1 with several Fast... Read more »