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Latest Auralex Articles

Winter NAMM 2017: Auralex Anniversary Kits

Create an ideal monitoring environment with the Auralex Anniversary Kits. Tame chaotic reverberation. Improve speech intelligibility. Auralex B224 ProPanel absorptive panels stop room reflections, slapback, and... Read more »

Auralex Announces MudGuard v2

Auralex has announced the MudGuard v2 microphone shield, which is designed to isolate microphones from external bleed from unwanted sources. The MudGuard v2 has a unique, patent-pending multi-radii convex shape... Read more »

7 Tips for Guitarists Using In-ears

You're finally happy with the sound coming from your guitar amp, now it's time to mic it up and send it back through your in-ear monitors so you can hear it onstage. Somehow, though, from your amp to your in-ears... Read more »

137th AES Convention: Auralex GRAMMA v2 Series

Auralex updated their GRAMMA line for this year's AES show, unveiling three models of their world-famous acoustic isolation platforms. The 15" x 15" BabyGRAMMA v2 is perfect for bass and keyboard combo amps, whereas... Read more »

How to Clean Acoustic Panels

Q: I have Auralex 2'x4'x2" ProPanels (which are cloth-covered glass fiber acoustic panels) that I've used in a couple of my studios. It took a while to build my new studio, and while I did, the ProPanels were... Read more »

How To Seal Gaps In A Studio

Q: I'm installing double drywall in the studio I am building in my basement, but how do I seal the gaps around outlets, the corners, etc.? A: You definitely want to seal the room as much as possible. The more... Read more »

How Much Insulation for Studio Ceiling?

Q: I'm building out a room in my basement for a studio, and I'm using Auralex Resilient Channel to mount to layers of drywall. I was told I should stuff the space between the joists with insulation. How much should... Read more »

Auralex HoverMat Drum Isolation Mat Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1y3T8wr9WY https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HoverMat Saul Zonana, Artist Relations Manager for Auralex, gives an overview of the HoverMat drums isolation mat for studio or... Read more »

More 18-monthers…

The best financing deal just keeps getting better and better! Now five more manufacturers have signed up with Sweetwater to offer you 18 months of interest-free financing when you purchase using your Sweetwater... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2012: Auralex SonoFlat Grid

A fresh take on their popular SonoFlat line, Auralex announced their new SonoFlat Grid panels. SonoFlat Grid acoustic absorption panels measure 2' x 2' x 2" and feature nine 8" x 8" beveled squares for an attractive... Read more »

Better Low End Response with Acoustic Foam

If you're using acoustic foam, such as Auralex, and want to increase its low frequency performance, try spacing the foam away from the wall or ceiling an inch of two. One effective way to do this is to attach the... Read more »

Using Auralex GRAMMA and Great Gramma

Trying to control the amount of "boominess" on stage from bass guitar, kick drum, big guitar amps, synth basses, and the like? Call your Gramma! The Auralex GRAMMA and Great GRAMMA (the Great Gramma is sized for... Read more »

Cutting Auralex Acoustic Foam

Q: I'm installing Auralex acoustic foam in my studio, and need to cut some pieces to fit various places. What's the best tool for cutting it? A: It depends on the cut you're making, and where the foam will end up... Read more »

Guitarists, Bassists: Are you sure you’re hearing your tone?

The question may sound silly, but it should be a legit concern. You've spent time picking out your axe, your amp, and choice stompboxes — but one common problem may be keeping your tone from truly shining. So... Read more »

Immediate Guitar Tone Improvement

Want to improve your electric guitar tone instantly? Just raise guitar amp/cabinet off the floor of your studio or the stage for better sound. Raising the amp, especially on a decoupling device, such as an Auralex... Read more »

125th AES Convention: Auralex SonicPrint Panels

Auralex's new SonicPrint acoustic panels blur the line between art and acoustic treatment. Now, you can have your own personal artwork and photography printed on their ELiTE ProPanels or you can choose a standard... Read more »

125th AES Convention: Auralex EcoTech ProPanels

Auralex's just-released EcoTech panels further their commitment to preserving the environment. Made of a proprietary formulation of 100% recycled polyester fibers and also manufactured without harmful... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Auralex SpeakerDude HD - Getting a muddy sound from your system? Maybe you need to de-couple your speakers! Auralex's SpeakerDude HD are designed to bring the same level of acoustic isolation to your home speakers... Read more »

SonicPrint: The Art of Sound

Making your studio sound great doesn't have to mean adding a bunch of boring acoustic treatments any more! Introducing the latest innovation in acoustical absorption: SonicPrint, available exclusively from Auralex... Read more »

Auralex “Goes Green”

Auralex Acoustics, Inc. has just introduced the industry's first "green" acoustical foam product, Eco-Friendly StudioFoam. More and more companies are revamping their manufacturing processes wherever possible to... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Antares AutoTune 5 TDM - Hailed from day one as a "holy grail of recording," Auto-Tune from Antares is a multi-platform plug-in that corrects intonation problems in vocals or solo instruments without adding noise or... Read more »

Get Your Room a Tune-Up

Acoustic treatment is hugely important when considering the overall sonic capabilities of the modern home and project studio. Yet many musicians never give it much thought (if any at all) when allocating funds for... Read more »

121st AES Convention: Auralex SonoSuede Pro

Elvis warned us not to step on his blue suede shoes, but he said nothing about red or tan suede walls. If you'd like to acoustically treat your room and look Elvis-cool doing it, try the new SonoSuede Pro System... Read more »

Decoupling For Clarity

A studio monitor, subwoofer, or guitar, bass, or PA cabinet, or stage monitor doesn't operate in a vacuum, it interacts with the room around it. A big part of that interaction results from the surface that the... Read more »