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Microphone Month 4

Latest Audix Articles

Audix BP7 Pro 7-pc Microphone Pack Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJtvBgQ873s https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BP7Pro Gene Houck, National Sales Manager for Audix, presents the BP7 Pro 7-piece microphone set. Included in the 7-piece BP7 drum... Read more »

Mic Month Bargains!

A big part of Sweetwater's Microphone Month celebration is the amazing deals we offer on mics all month long — and this year the deals are even sweeter when you factor in our exclusive 18-months-same-as-cash... Read more »

Mic Month is Here!

May is officially Microphone Month here at Sweetwater, and that means lots of great special items and deals throughout the month. For example, we'll be posting a new video to our Facebook page each day spotlighting... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2012: Audix FP QUAD

A simple 4-mic bundle designed to make miking drums easy, Audix's FP QUAD drum mic pack promises to be a cost-effective alternative to the highly popular DP QUAD bundle they released last year. The FP QUAD bundle... Read more »

Free Mics!

How many microphones are enough? The answer is easy: you can never have enough microphones! But Sweetwater's Monthly Gear Giveaway for September will provide you with a stellar collection that will certainly give... Read more »

Cool Tool: Audix CabGrabber

We've featured this one before, but having just done a gig featuring three bands ranging in size from 4-piece to 8-piece, we were reminded just how much this item simplifies life both onstage and in the studio: the... Read more »

Biscuit Miler and the Mix at Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZldqyo2TBg Blues/funk band Biscuit Miller and the Mix performed a short set to demonstrate Audix microphones during a recent Sweetwater sales meeting in Sweetwater's Performance... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2010: Audix Fusion Drum Microphones

New drum mics from Audix! Leader in drum-miking solutions, Audix announced a next generation of Fusion microphones and mic packages for capturing drums. The series features four models, the f2 (for toms), f5 (for... Read more »

Fusion Drum Mics

Audix has announced the Fusion FP5 Drum Pack, which is designed for miking a 5-piece drum set for live and studio applications. The kit is based around a completely new series of dynamic mics completely designed... Read more »

REVIEW: Audix CabGrabber

Miking up a guitar amp or cabinet isn't excruciatingly difficult, but there are the hassles of dealing with a mic stand and quickly getting the mic placed where you want it. Now, those hassles are a thing of the... Read more »

Grab That Cab!

Right now, we've got a Sweetwater-exclusive Audix i5/CabGrabber bundle going that saves you big cash. If you haven't checked out the CabGrabber, then you're missing out on one of the best guitar-miking tools out... Read more »

New In Stock

MusicLab's RealGuitar 2 and RealStrat give MIDI composers and keyboardists access to super-realistic acoustic and electric guitar tones through their MIDI controller. Apple seeks to enhance the way you work and play... Read more »

Mics and More

Audix announced camo-covered versions of two of their popular mics, the OM2 and the i-5. These unique finishes are slated for a winter 2009 release, with more finishes coming later in the year. Sennheiser gives you... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2009: Audix Designer Camo Mics

Audix trades in the traditional black for a limited camo finish that serves as both a fitting tribute to our military as well as a super-hip finish for studio or stage. The first Audix mics to undergo this treatment... Read more »

Audix OM-5 Review

A few years ago I decided to upgrade the mics our band was using for vocals in my PA setup, and, due to comments I had read in a magazine whose reviews I trust, I bought three Audix OM-5 hypercardioid dynamic mics... Read more »

123rd AES Convention: Audix Micros M1250 and M1280

The newest members of the Audix Micros Series are the M1250 and M1280, both of which feature newly designed circuitry with immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. Each model has four... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Propellerheads Abbey Road Keyboards - This amazing ReFill lets Reason 3.0 users tap into the classic instruments of England's famed Abbey Road Studios. Included in this collection are seven different instruments... Read more »

Musikmesse International Press Awards 2007

Each year at the Musikmesse tradeshow, the top product in each of several dozen categories walks away with the prestigious Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) - nominated and voted on by over 100 of magazine... Read more »

Mic those Drums!

Audix has introduced the latest in their series of packages designed to make drum-miking an easy process. The DP-7 pack is ideal for miking a 5-piece kit for studio and live applications. The pack contains seven... Read more »

121st AES Convention: Audix VX-5

The new Audix VX-5 is a stylish and innovative handheld vocal condenser microphone designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and broadcast applications. With a smooth frequency response of 40Hz-16.5kHz... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Audix MicroBoom MB1245 - As one of the world's smallest condenser microphones, the M1245 cardioid condenser offers an integrated preamp and detachable cable for the ultimate in convenience! You're bound to find... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2006: Audix VX-5

The new Audix VX-5 is a stylish and innovative handheld vocal condenser microphone designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and broadcast applications. With a smooth frequency response of 40Hz-16.5kHz... Read more »

Summer NAMM 2006: Audix FireBall-V

Responding to harmonica players' requests for a FireBall model with a volume control, Audix introduces the FireBall-V. In keeping with the general theme of the original FireBall, the FireBall-V allows the artist to... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2005: Audix ADX10-FL

Audix introduces the new ADX10-FL, a miniature, high performance professional condenser with a custom designed flute head joint mount. The design featured with the ADX10-FL keeps the microphone in place making it... Read more »