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Latest Apple Articles

Maintaining iPad Charging Capacity

Want to keep your iPad's battery happy and healthy? Apple recommends fully charging and then fully discharging (running the iPad until the battery is completely empty) the battery at least once a month.

Tips for Saving iPad Battery Life

Apple recommends the following for extending the charge on your iPad's battery: 1. Adjust screen brightness. 2. Turn off Wi-Fi and/or cellular connectivity or use Airplane Mode. 3. Turn off Location Services. 4... Read more »

iPad 3 on the Way!

Apple has officially announced the much-rumored iPad 3, the next generation iOS tablet. The new models will offer 4G LTE high-speed wireless connectivity, a 5MP camera for still photos and 1080p HD video, a 3.1... Read more »

Apple Camera Kit Tip

Many of us have begun using audio interfaces and other external hardware that connects to our iPads with the Apple Camera Kit. The Apple Camera Kit is a great solution for connecting class-compliant USB gear to your... Read more »

Fostex AR-4i

The Apple iPhone 4 is a powerful tool for so many things, and now that includes audio recording! The Fostex AR-4i is an audio interface for the iPhone 4 dock connector. It includes high-quality mic inputs with... Read more »

iOS 5

Apple has announced iOS 5, the latest operating system software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The new software includes many enhancements and over 200 new features, as well as support for iCloud.

Installing New Apple OS

Q: I want to update my Mac to Lion. But I want to start fresh, with a totally clean system. Any tips? B: We tend to be paranoid, so we recommend making a complete clone of your system drive on an external hard... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

SoundToys has released version 4.2.1 of their plug-ins for the Mac. This version includes a fix for validation issues in Logic running under OS X 10.7 (Lion). Various other minor fixes and enhancements are included... Read more »

iPad on the Go

The Apple iPad has become the most popular accessory around for musicians and engineers. And now, with the Alesis IO Dock, you can turn your iPad into a full-fledged studio. Given how small and light an IO Dock and... Read more »

Mac Requirements for Lion?

Q: I have an Apple MacBook computer; will it be able to run the new Lion operating system? A: Most Macs made since late 2006 will be able to run Lion. In order to run OS X 10.7 (Lion), your Mac needs to meet the... Read more »

iZotope & Lion

iZotope has tested all of their products with Apple's latest operating system and report that Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) is fully supported. However, the company strongly recommends ensuring your host software is fully... Read more »

Lion Compatibility

Apple has released Lion — OS X 10.7 — and if you're a Mac-head like us, then you can't wait to get it onto your computer and to start using all the cool new features in this ground-breaking operating... Read more »

Akai Professional Cash-back Deals

The Akai Professional SynthStation 25 takes advantage of the processing power of your Apple iPhone or iPod touch, giving you a 25-key synth workstation that you can take anywhere. Here's a nice bonus: purchase a... Read more »

New iMacs

Apple has announced the latest generation of iMac computers, with the tagline: "The ultimate all-in-one goes all out." The new iMacs fetures Intel i5 and i7 quad-core processors (up to twice as fast as the previous... Read more »

iPad Deals!

On Friday we announced the new Apple iPad 2...today we're announcing closeout pricing on our existing iPad stock — save $100! If you've been thinking about getting an iPad, now's the time! These prices are... Read more »

Cool Tool: IK Multimedia iKlip

It's becoming increasingly common to see musicians taking Apple iPads onstage and into the studio. But where do you set it where it will be accessible and safe? We've got the answer: the iKlip from IK Multimedia... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

WaveMachine Labs has released version 5.0.1 of Drumagog. The new version provides improved CPU usage as well as numerous fixes. Modartt has released version 3.6.5 of Pianoteq. The new version expands the range of... Read more »

UPdates & UPgrades

Apple has released version 9.1.2 of Logic. The new version includes a very long list of stability enhancements, compatibility updates, improvements, and fixes. Steinberg has released version 5.1 of Nuendo. This... Read more »

New 12 Cores and HD

Avid has announced that the Apple Mac Pro 8- and 12-core models (Westmere) running at 2.4 and 3.33GHz have been qualified on both Pro Tools HD 8.1 and Pro Tools HD Native 8.5.

UPdates & UPgradesUPdates & UPgrades

Apple has released Pro Application Update 2010-02. The new software adds new camera formats, fixes minor issues, and improves stability. It is recommended for all users of Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and Final... Read more »

The Fastest Mac Ever!

Is your 8-core Mac looking long in the tooth? Then we've got great news! Apple has announced new Mac Pros with up to 12 cores of rockin' processing power. Models with four, six, eight, or 12 cores are available (for... Read more »

Take Control!

If you have an Apple iPhone, an iPad, or a third-generation iPod Touch, then you're all set to take remote control over MOTU Digital Performer 7.2! The new free DP Control app for those devices provides remote... Read more »

New Axioms

M-Audio has introduced new generation of Axiom USB keyboards. There will be 25-, 49-, and 61-key versions in the series. In addition to all the great features found in the original Axiom keyboards, the new versions... Read more »

Mac Mini Slims Down

Apple has announced the next-generation Mac Mini computer. The new Mini features a completely redesigned chassis much thinner aluminum unibody design (about 1.5 inches thick) an HDMI output for connection to an HD... Read more »