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Latest Apple Articles

Can the Apogee Quartet be Bus Powered by an iPad?

Q: Can I bus power my Apogee Quartet using my iPad? A: Sorry, the Quartet requires more power than an Apple iPad can provide. A power supply is necessary to run it.

Can I Use an Apogee Quartet with my iPad 4?

Q: I saw your iOS Update video on the Apogee Quartet with the iPad. Since it uses a 30-pin connector cable, does this mean I can't use it with my new iPad 4, which has the Lightning connector? A: You definitely can... Read more »

Can I use my Apogee Quartet With my iPad?

Q: I love my Apogee Quartet with my Mac, but I would like to be able to use it with my iPad. I saw that the new ones are compatible with iOS — what about my older one? A: Absolutely — all Apogee Quartet USB audio... Read more »

New Apps for Mackie DL Series Mixers

Mackie has released two new free iPad apps for their DL Series digital live sound mixers (which offer iPad control). Master Fader v1.4 — adds new Vintage EQ, Compressor, and Gate. Also has updated show management... Read more »

Novation Announces Launchpad S

With the Launchpad, Novation provided an outstanding solution for hands-on control over Ableton Live. The Launchpad's intuitive 64-pad grid design makes it a breeze to launch loops and clips, trigger drums and... Read more »

Why Are the Colors Reversed on My iPad?

Q: I was using my iPad recently and all of a sudden, the screen reversed colors — white became black, and so on. What happened and how do I fix it? A: More than likely you accidentally triple-clicked the Home button... Read more »

Apple Releases iOS Update

Apple has released version 6.1.3 of iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The new version includes a variety of enhancements and fixes.

Cool Tool: Sonnet Technologies MacCuff mini

Apple's Mac mini computer is incredibly popular — it's affordable, compact, lightweight, and quite powerful! Now you can mount your Mac mini anywhere you like with the MacCuff mini from Sonnet Technologies... Read more »

iOS Device Backup Storage Limits

If you're backing up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud, you may find that the amount of data you have on the device exceeds the amount of iCloud space you get for free (5GB). One option in this case is to... Read more »

How Do I Reset an iOS Device?

At some point you may find that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch starts acting a little whacked — the screen may freeze or the touchscreen may stop responding. In most cases, a simple reset will fix the problem... Read more »

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2

Apple has released iOS version 6.1.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The new version has a short feature list: "Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life."

iPad Sales Double

Apple reports that three million iPads were sold in the first three days since the iPad Mini went on sale (last Friday). This compares to 1.5 million iPads sold in the first three days after the iPad 3 was released... Read more »

Apple Camera Kit with iPhone or iPod?

Q: Will the Apple Camera Connection Kit work with the iPhone or iPod touch for USB keyboards and audio interfaces or MIDI interfaces? A: Unfortunately, no. The Apple Camera Connection Kit is only compatible with... Read more »

Mackie DL1608 and iPad Mini/4th Generation

Apple has just announced the new iPad Mini and iPad 4th Generation, and Mackie is already evaluating compatibility with the popular DL1608. The company expects the Master Fader app to work perfectly with the new... Read more »

Focusrite iTrack Solo Cable Extender

Q: The Device Link cable that came with my iTrack Solo audio interface is really short. Do they make a longer one? A: The iTrack Solo cable was designed specifically to adhere to Apple's rigorous testing of official... Read more »

iPad Financing Offer

The new Apple iPad is simply stunning with its Retina display and 5MP camera and ultrafast 4G LTE. And now — for the next 10 days only — we're offering an equally stunning finance offer on new iPads and... Read more »

Apple Lightning to 30-pin

Q: I see that Apple announced the new iPhone 5. It looks like the connector is different on it. What happens to all my current iOS accessories? Are they obsolete? A: The new iPhone 5 looks great! The iPhone 5 is... Read more »

New Mac, No Hard Drive Icons?

Q: I just bought a new Macintosh from Sweetwater, but there are no hard drive icons on the desktop. How do I get the hard drives to show up so I can open them? A: New Macs ship from Apple without the hard drive... Read more »


A security feature introduced in Apple's OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) intended to protect the computer from damage from malicious apps or "malware." There are three modes under which GateKeeper can run: off, allow apps... Read more »

Avid and Apple Compatibility

According to our friends at Avid, the new Apple Mac Pro 12-core computers have been approved for use with Pro Tools 10.2 and Mac OS X 10.7.4 (Lion). This includes LE interface support as well as HD family (HDX, HD... Read more »

Mountain Lion Arrives

Apple has released OS X 10.8, also known as "Mountain Lion." We're super excited; the new operating system is said to include over 200 new features and brings tight integration between the entire Apple family of... Read more »


A technology featured in Apple computers and iOS devices that allows video and audio to be streamed wirelessly to an Apple TV, AirPlay-compatible speakers, and other devices. Airplay allows the screen of the... Read more »

Keystation Mini 32 & iPad

Q: The M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 says that it will work with an iPad. But it doesn't have a dock connector. How do you hook it up? A: The Keystation Mini 32 is class-compliant with iOS devices. In order to connect... Read more »


Q: I'd like to display the screen from my iPad on my TV, and it looks like the Apple Digital AV Adapter will let me do that with its HDMI connector. But how do I get sound routed? Can I still use the 1/8" headphone... Read more »