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Latest AEA Articles

141st AES Convention: AEA RPQ2

AEA has updated their acclaimed RPQ 2-channel microphone preamp with front-panel DI inputs, rear-panel inserts, and a secondary balanced outputs. As did the original, the RPQ2 supplies copious gain for low-output... Read more »

141st AES Convention: AEA RPQ500 Series 2

Do you use a ribbon microphone? Plug it into AEA's RPQ500 microphone preamp module and get the most out of it! This 500 Series module provides 81dB of clean gain for ribbon mics, while a variable low-cut filter... Read more »

Ribbon Mics: How Do They Work? by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_59lfbPbpXk Mitch Gallagher explains how ribbon microphones work and the types of applications they excel at. After the video, learn more about popular ribbon microphones at... Read more »

Q: What processing was used on the AEA N22 Demo Video Recorded in Sweetwater Studios?

In order to demonstrate the sound of the microphones as purely as possible, the signal path was as natural as could be. The AEA N22 Active Ribbon mics were fed into Daking preamps, and then into Pro Tools. There was... Read more »

AEA N8 Ribbon Microphone Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvgGIY_IVio Get the AEA N8 here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/N8mic Mitch Gallagher and Don Carr put the AEA N8 ribbon microphone to the test in this episode of... Read more »

How To Mic Drums for Recording, Part 1 — Two Microphones

In This How-To series we are going to get into how to record drums. It doesn't matter if you are using just two microphones or using 10 or more, there are many easy techniques you can use to get a good drum sound... Read more »

137th AES Convention: AEA N8

Loaded with active electronics that include a sweet German transformer design, the AEA N8 is ideally suited for long-distance miking and long cable runs. It features AEA's Big Ribbon design, including an element of... Read more »

Congrats to AEA on NAMM Milestone Award

Our friends at Audio Engineering Associates were honored at the 2014 Winter NAMM show with a Milestone Award for 50 years of service in the music products industry. The award recognizes retailers and manufacturers... Read more »

AEA N22 Ribbon Mic Premier with Jamestown Revival and Interview – Sweetwater Minute Vol. 212

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnnJbpHFpoA Get the AEA N22 ribbon microphone at Sweetwater here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/N22/ In this episode of The Sweetwater Minute, we have a live performance by... Read more »

AEA Debuts N22 Ribbon Microphone

AEA has introduced the N22 phantom-powered ribbon microphone. 100% hand crafted in Pasadena, California, the N22 is aimed at singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios. The mic's phantom-powered electronics are... Read more »

Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 165, Interview with Wes Dooley from AEA Microphones

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvyZcOD5aWw Mitch Gallagher sits down with Wes Dooley to talk about AEA Microphones, and this interview was conducted using an AEA A840 Ribbon microphone. First up though, Mitch gives... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2012: AEA RPQ500

AEA has taken its full-rack RPQ preamp and shoehorned it into a 500 series module. The ultra-clean, high-headroom RPQ500 preamp is perfect for ribbon mics that that need a little more gain than other mics. The... Read more »


The 500 series format for studio gear is hotter than ever, and now you can get the ultra-clean, ultra-high-headroom RPQ500 preamp from AEA for your lunchbox or rack! The RPQ500 has been specifically designed for... Read more »

Free Mics!

How many microphones are enough? The answer is easy: you can never have enough microphones! But Sweetwater's Monthly Gear Giveaway for September will provide you with a stellar collection that will certainly give... Read more »

AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre Review

In the field test I conducted with the RPQ, I used a Royer SF-24 ribbon microphone running through both of the RPQ's channels. I was blown away by the high-end fidelity and the pristine air that came through the... Read more »

AEA RPQ and Microphones Demo – Sweetwater GearFest ’09 Exclusive

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfNfuYSG_sM More info: An overview of AEA gear, including the new AEA RPQ, a ribbon and condenser preamplifier with curve-shaper equalization and a high-frequency filter - shown at... Read more »

Win an AEA R84!

Our friends at Audio Engineering Associates are giving away an R84 ribbon microphone to one lucky winner! To enter the drawing, you'll need to fill out a form — which features seven questions you'll need to... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2009: AEA RPQ

The AEA RPQ 2-channel ribbon microphone preamp is built with enough gain (80dB) onboard to effectively put a ribbon mic into your recording rig, and the features don't stop there. The RPQ offers very low-noise JFET... Read more »

125th AES Convention: AEA A440

AEA's Wes Dooley has created another studio gem with the A440, a spin on the classic "44" design. Featuring the same renowned sound and the same look as the R44 - a reproduction of the classic RCA 44 which ruled the... Read more »

125th AES Convention: AEA RPQ

AEA announced the RPQ, a ribbon microphone preamplifier with a dedicated equalizer that's optimized for active and non-active ribbon microphones. The RPQ fits in one rackspace and offers two channels of... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Fender FM 25 DSP - Pushing 25 watts through a single 10-inch Special Design speaker, the FM 25 DSP delivers the famous Fender clean tone on channel one while channel two lets you dial in 16 great amp tones. The FM... Read more »

121st AES Convention: AEA The Ribbon Pre

The AEA Ribbon Mic Preamplifier is an ultra high-gain and impedance, minimal-path FET mic pre designed by Fred Forssell. This low-noise two-channel preamp is for ribbon, moving coil, and tube microphones that do not... Read more »

AEA R92 Review

I had never really done much recording using ribbon microphones, other than using a Royer 121 on a guitar cabinet. I always wanted to hear what the classic ribbons, like the RCAs or Coles microphones sounded like on... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2006: AEA Ultra Preamp

AEA introduced the Ultra Preamp, featuring an ultra high-gain and impedance, minimal-path FET design by Fred Forssell. This low-noise 2-channel preamp is for ribbon, moving coil, and tube microphones that do not use... Read more »