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June 2017 Giveaway

Buy an M3 and We’ll Install Your EXB-RADIAS Card Instantly

The EXB-RADIAS card is a killer option for Korg M3 owners. And now you can get one free! At most places you’d have to to fill out the rebate card, mail it to Korg, then wait for the RADIAS card to arrive (usually 6-8 weeks), then have to install it along with the new software – what a pain! Well, your friends at Sweetwater don’t want you to have to go through all that! We’ve arranged a killer deal with Korg to be the ONLY authorized Korg retailer allowed to install the free bonus EXB-RADIAS card into an M3 as soon as you buy one. This really saves you a ton of wait time, not to mention the hassle of having to perform the hardware and software installs themselves.

What’s more, we also install the OS 1.20 upgrade, which adds an additional 512 Programs, plus the Radias V2.0 update that adds new parameters and 127 Radias Programs! Then we install an update that adds 127 brand new Combis that also make use of the cool sounds available only with the Radias Card! This bundle also includes an exclusive Sweetwater Bonus CD-ROM with all of the latest Owner’s Manuals, tips, tutorials, and Mac and PC drivers. And finally, we’ve included an “M3 Guided Tour” DVD.

NOTE: This install bundle will happen automatically with every M3 61, M3 73, M3 88, and M3 M sold at Sweetwater until August 31, 2008, after which the free Radias Card offer from Korg expires. This is a service no other dealer can provide – just another example of the Sweetwater Difference!

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