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June 2017 Giveaway

M Audio Omni I/O for Delta 44 and Delta 66

M Audio’s new Omni I/O is here and ready to be the front end of your Delta 44 or Delta 66 audio card. It sports a healthy complement of mic and line level inputs along with a mixing section that allows you to use it as a split style recording console complete with effects sends and returns and two separate headphone outputs.

Want Pro Tools for FREE? I’ll bet you do. It’s going to happen. Digidesign is going to make Pro Tools software free and downloadable. This downloadable version will work on machines that do not have Digidesign hardware. Yes, once again you will be able to edit your Pro Tools sessions on your Powerbook while away from the studio. Those who are considering a DAW purchase should also check it out as an excellent way to see what is so great about the Pro Tools environment and why so many professionals choose to use it.

How do you make a product an instant classic? Discontinue it. Well, that’s what has happened to the Panasonic SV3800 DAT machine. It has been officially discontinued, and no replacement has been announced – it’s the end of an era. We know some of you depend on these machines and we do have a few left for sale. Now is the time. When they’re gone they’re gone…

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