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Living in Guitar Rig’s Stereo World

Yes, your guitar comes standard with a monophonic connector (unless you own one of the rare stereo models, like Gibson’s ES-355), but when you plug into Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig, you can move it into the stereo world just by running your signal into one of the components that add stereo imaging, thereby making your guitar part sound richer and in some cases, more animated. These components include Cabinets (by adjusting Pan and Air settings), Tremolo (in stereo pan mode), Stoned Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Ensemble, Rotator, Quad Delay, Rotator, Quad Delay, Psychedelay, Spring Reverb, and Studio Reverb. However, note that if you follow a stereo component with a mono one (TalkWah, for instance), you’ll end up with a mono output, so it’s best to put these types of effects before the stereo effects in your signal path.

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