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Line 6 Vetta 212 Review

The Vetta is definitely the loudest, most present sounding modeling amplifier I have ever plugged into. 

The Line6 Vetta 212 100 watt stereo dual modeling amplifier takes the concept of digital modeling to the next level.  Ground breaking new computer technology allows amp designers to measure virtually every junction in the signal paths of the most desirable tube guitar amplifiers in history, and then digitally recreate them in the Vetta.  Line6's Interactive Point to Point modeling technology even allows them to simulate every component of the tone, from aged capacitors and resistors, to multiple speaker configurations with astonishing accuracy. 

As a collector who has owned most of the actual amplifiers that are recreated in the Vetta, I can say with total conviction that Line 6 has captured a great deal of the “tube magic” inherent in these great amps. I'm a guitar player who has gigged with several of the most well know modeling amps, and I have always felt that their greatest weakness has been the lack of “cut” when competing with loud drums and bass onstage.  Earlier modeling amps sometimes seemed to get lost in the mix or sound a little muddy when cranked up to stage levels, while many great tube amps seem to effortlessly project tone to the back row of the venue.  The Vetta is definitely the loudest, most present sounding modeling amplifier I have ever plugged into.  After spending several days exploring its vast tonal options, I believe that I could confidently take it onstage at almost any gig and cover almost any guitar style. 
Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Vetta is its ability to model two completely independent signal paths simultaneously. SRV and Eric Johnson fans can breathe a sigh of relief. No longer do they need a huge truck and a small army of roadies to get multi-amp layered tones onstage. Simply dial in the perfect combination of amps, pedals and speaker combinations and then send it to the PA via stereo balanced XLR outputs. Also, by activating the new “Double Tracker” effect, guitarists can simulate the lush spread of studio layered tracks in a live performance. Combined with the optional FBX professional footswitch, the Vetta is a powerful guitar arsenal, perfect for stage and studio.  I highly recommend this powerful, versatile amplifier to any guitarist looking to expand his or her tonal universe.

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