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Kurzweil Releases Major Update for the PC3 and PC3X

We have just confirmed that Kurzweil has delivered OS version 1.20 for the PC3 and PC3X to us. This is a tremendous example of how a company can continually add new features and improved sounds to make their products an even smarter investment. Naturally, Sweetwater will be adding the new software to every single PC3/PC3X that goes out the door starting today! Not a week from now, or when they get around to it, but starting immediately! Go ahead and name any other retailer who can provide support like this in such a timely fashion. By the way, that’s a rhetorical request, because there are none!

Ah, but what does the update add? One huge improvement is found in every one of the Organs in the PC3. In fact, Kurzweil even gave a shout out to our own Daniel Fisher for his input in making the organs some of the best (if not the very best) you’ve ever heard in any sample playback synth to-date! But that’s just for starters. You can also look forward to these enhancements (and more):

  • GM Compatibility: Simply turn on GM in the Master section (Page 2) and it works.
  • GM Drum Remapping: Simply set “DrumRemap” to GM and all Kurzweil Drum Kits appear in GM order.
  • MIDI Scope: You can now watch MIDI messages on your screen as you play or move sliders.
  • New “SuperSaw” Oscillator: Made of multiple Detuned Saw Waves that don’t alias!
  • Increased Internal RAM capacity lets you hold even more programs and sequences.
  • A new parameter that lets your Aux Out jacks mirror your Main Left/Right Outputs so you can send your music to two different places (a keyboard amp and PA system for example).

If you are an existing PC3 owner, just go to Kurzweil’s site to get the version 1.20 update as well as an Excel list of all the new Programs. Don’t own a PC3 yet? Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for additional information and your special pricing.

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