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Kurzweil K2661 Review

...It was was 4 AM and I was making, what I thought was music, wth just one finger!

If you are composer, film scorer, stage musician or you just love playing keyboards, then the Kurzweil K2661 is the one for you.

It’s almost everything that the K2600 series has to offer and more but without the bulkiness of a larger Kurzweil. Maybe I should preface my next statement by saying that I’m not a good keyboard player, in fact, I’m a one-finger-on-a-pad wonder. There are a ton of keyboards out there, all of which are pretty complicated and sometimes overwhelming when you look at all the buttons. However, from the moment I fired up the keyboard, I noticed that this wasn’t the case. Everything is very straight forward and even if you’re not a keyboard player, this isn’t an overwhelming one to get into. Just turn it on, and start jamming. Another thing I wanted to note was, after I started playing with it, I couldn’t get off of it. It was too addicting and before I knew it, It was 4 AM and I was making, what I thought was music, with just one finger!

Every sound that is packed with this keyboard has unique characteristics to it. Nothing sounds like an overused sound sample that has been re-EQ’ed just to change the sound. The best way I could describe the sounds would be rich, lush, and very deep with multiple hues within each sound. The KDFX processor that comes pre-installed in this keyboard sounds so good that Kurzweil had to bottle it up separately and use it as a stand alone device. The algorithms are natural sounding and every aspect of it sounds real.

I strongly reccomend this product to anyone who is a novice, an expert or anything in between in the music industry.

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