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Kurzweil K2500/2600 Global Volume

This tip is especially important for those of you who use your Kurzweils in live performance.

Q: “When I’m using my Kurzweil K2500 or K2600 in Setup mode, how do I create a continuous controller pedal to affect the volume of all zones globally?”

A: Here’s how to use CC Pedal 1 as a global volume pedal: go to SETUP mode, choose Setup 97 (your control setup), press EDIT, MORE> (once), CPEDAL, and change Cped1: from Foot to Volume by clicking up 3 times (or press 7 and Enter). Press EXIT, answer “Yes” to the “Save Control Setup before Exiting?” Question. Save Control Setup as: 97 and choose Replace (you want to replace the Control Setup #97, which is the default when the you power on your Kurzweil). Your CC pedal 1 should now globally affect volume on your Kurzweil.

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