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Microphone Month 3

Keyboard Care Part 2 of 5

Today’s TTOTD is the second of our five part series on care and cleaning of your keyboard. If you’re coming in late here, you can refer back to our inSync from yesterday (5/18/98) to pick it up from the top.

Tip #2: Wiping Off Fingerprints And General Grunge

Use a spray cleaner that is safe for plastics. Spray onto a rag, not directly onto the unit. DO NOT use alcohol, head cleaner, or electronic contact cleaners. They can permanently damage the finish, cloud the display, and remove the printed legends. In the worst case scenario, I repaired a keyboard where someone had sprayed a solvent into the pushbuttons and it melted the plastic parts of the switch together. Oops! Instead, use glass cleaner (like Glass Plus) or a solution designed for cleaning plastics.

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