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JamHub Buying Guide

Personal Monitoring, Silent Rehearsal, and So Much More!

Whether you’re performing with your band onstage, rehearsing late at night, or just practicing your chops at home, you’ll be amazed at the power and flexibility JamHub products provide. Part mixing console, part personal monitor controller, and part recording system*, JamHub mixing systems give you entirely new ways of interacting with fellow musicians. Rehearse with your band until the wee hours of the morning — silently. Easily set up personal in-ear monitoring for each band member onstage, for a fraction of the cost of other multichannel personal monitoring solutions. Record studio-quality audio* and instantly share it online. No matter how you play or perform, you’ll find a lot of value in the JamHub family of products.

* JamHub GreenRoom and JamHub TourBus only


JamHub mixing systems give you an entirely new way to practice with your band. Everybody hooks up their instrument or microphone to the JamHub, plus a set of headphones. You get full control of your own personal headphone mix, allowing you to hear as much or as little of each input as you like. And because everyone can monitor with their own headphones, a JamHub mixing system is a silent rehearsal solution that won’t keep your neighbors awake at night!

Live Performance

With a JamHub mixer onstage, you can say goodbye to the problems associated with floor monitors. Connect all your instruments and microphones to a simple signal splitter, send one set of signals to the main mixing desk, and send the other set to your JamHub mixer. Everyone connects their own headphones or in-ear monitors to the JamHub, with full control over individual monitor mixes. You’ll enjoy better sound, lower stage volume, and less feedback problems, for a fraction of the cost of a typical multichannel in-ear monitoring system.


The JamHub TourBus and JamHub GreenRoom both sport a USB connection for easy recording straight to your computer. In fact, the JamHub TourBus even supports SD card recording for even more convenience. Capture moments of inspiration while you practice without breaking your musical flow. Record your band at CD-quality in the comfort of your rehearsal space. JamHub mixing systems make it easy to record at a moment’s notice, allowing you to keep your focus on your music.

JamHub TourBus

  • Fully featured monitoring, mixing, and recording solution
  • Enough inputs for up to seven musicians
  • Two SoleMix Remote mixers included (up to four supported)
  • Built-in SD card recording capability
  • Built-in metronome

With 21 audio channels for up to seven musicians, the JamHub TourBus is a complete monitoring, mixing, and recording solution for your whole band. Each input section supports both line- and mic-level inputs for maximum flexibility. Your bandmates can listen on their headphones of choice, with complete control over their personal mix. And recording couldn’t be easier — just insert an SD card or connect the TourBus to your computer via USB. You have separate control over the recording mix, so you don’t have to sacrifice your personal headphone mix when recording. For the band that’s constantly on the move, the JamHub TourBus packs a ton of value.

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JamHub GreenRoom

  • Monitoring and mixing solution for up to seven musicians
  • USB equipped for easy computer recording
  • One SoleMix Remote mixer included (up to four supported)
  • Phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Built-in vocal effects processor

The JamHub GreenRoom actually gives you all of the amazing functionality of the flagship TourBus model, minus the SD card recording feature. You can still connect the JamHub GreenRoom to your computer via USB for CD-quality, 2-track recording. You have a total of 21 audio channels for up to seven musicians, with full mix control for each musician. Onstage, it’s a high-quality, cost-effective way to reap the benefits of a personal in-ear monitoring system. And your band can rehearse without bugging the neighbors while enjoying better sound and clarity than you’d get in a noisy room full of amplifiers. Any band can appreciate the power and simplicity of the JamHub GreenRoom.

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JamHub BedRoom

  • Monitoring and mixing solution for up to five musicians
  • Recording output for connecting to an external recording device
  • Built-in vocal effects processor
  • Support for one SoleMix Remote (sold separately)
  • Compact design and intuitive layout

Sporting 15 audio channels for up to five musicians, the JamHub BedRoom is the most economical JamHub in the series. You still get full control over every instrument in your headphone mix, perfect for both monitoring onstage and for rehearsal. While the JamHub BedRoom doesn’t feature SD card recording or USB connectivity, you can still set up a separate 2-track recording mix and send it to a recorder via a standard line-level connection. With more flexibility than you’d ever get with a standard mixing board, the JamHub BedRoom is a great practice and performance solution.

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TourBus GreenRoom BedRoom
21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians 15 audio channels for up to 5 musicians
7 XLR and 7 TRS input jacks 7 XLR and 7 TRS input jacks 5 XLR and 5 TRS input jacks
4 SoleMix remote jacks (2 remotes included) 4 SoleMix remote jacks (1 remote included) 1 SoleMix remote jack (remote sold separately)
Phantom Power (+48V) Phantom Power (+48V)
USB out for direct recording to computer USB out for direct recording to computer
Built-in recording to SD RAM card
Metronome and built-in recording system

SoleMix Remote

Put control over your personal mix wherever you need it. With the JamHub SoleMix Remote, you can control your JamHub mix without having to set up right next to your JamHub mixer. It’s perfect for drummers, keyboard players, and anyone else who can’t easily cross the stage to adjust their mix. You can connect one SoleMix Remote to the JamHub Bedroom and up to four SoleMix Remotes to the JamHub GreenRoom and TourBus models. Call your Sales Engineer to learn more!

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Tracker MT16

Add powerful multitrack recording capability to your JamHub mixer with the JamHub Tracker MT16! It has six mono and two stereo inputs that you can connect to a mixing console’s insert points or direct outs. But for maximum convenience and simplicity, you can connect the Tracker MT16 directly to your JamHub via the SoleMix Remote jack! You can easily record all the inputs from your JamHub with 24-bit audio quality directly to a standard SD card, ready for you to mix or share online. And because you can instantly upload your recorded files to BandLab, the shared cloud recording studio, all your bandmates will have immediate access to your tracks, too!
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