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Hands On Review: sE Electronics Egg 150

Studio monitor design is an exercise in compromise, since there are so many variables. One example is the cabinet that houses the monitor. The materials that comprise the cabinet make a difference, and the physical... Read more »

sE Electronics Egg Mids

Q: Why does the sE Electronic Egg monitor system have a Mid EQ control? I've never seen one on a monitor before. A: The 3-position Mid EQ switch on the Eggs provides slightly shaped midrange for comparison purposes... Read more »

Se Electronics Eggs

Q: What's the deal with the egg-shaped sE monitors? Does that shape really make a difference? A: The sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System is designed to nearly eliminate internal standing waves. In addition, the shape... Read more »

Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 129 Andrew Munro, sE Electronics Munro Egg 150 Monitors

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEhu6dY0ulc Mitch Gallagher sits down with Andrew Munro from Munro Acoustics to talk about the innovative design of the sE Electronics Munro Egg 150 studio monitor system. Andrew... Read more »