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Latest SM7B Articles

Best Gear for Podcasting

With thousands of podcasts already covering nearly every niche imaginable, and room for still countless more, podcasting has never been a more viable medium. What's more, you'll find all kinds of great recording... Read more »

Mics of the Masters

There are a lot of fantastic mics out there. As a matter of fact, Sweetwater carries more than 90 different microphone brands. With that many choices, knowing which mic is best for you can be intimidating... Read more »

Best Vocal Mics for Metal

When it comes to mics for recording metal vocals, the requirements are pretty different from mics for recording female pop divas or Americana folk music. While lots of studio mics tout their smooth top end... Read more »

Developing Worship Leaders – a Chat with Todd Fields

Developing Leadership and Building the Right Team for Your Church Currently serving as Director of Worship Leader Development at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA., Todd Fields has always placed a... Read more »

6 Ways to Improve Your Vocal Recordings

1. Choose the right microphone Voices are different, and microphones are different. Find the right microphone for a particular voice, and the recording process can be easy. Use the wrong mic, and it can become an... Read more »

Nathan Nockels Interviewed by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQeFK9Ii2Ms Nick D'Virgilio sits down with songwriter/producer/musician Nathan Nockels. A trailblazer in the worship community, Nathan shares his passion for worship, and his mission... Read more »

How to Get Great Sound in Your YouTube Videos

Love it or... well... you've got to love it, really — YouTube is the predominant way we share video content today, but not all YouTube videos are created equal. One major difference between a great YouTube video and... Read more »

Choosing the Right Vocal Mic by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wyvd--VsD2o Mark Hornsby explains some of the finer points of finding the right vocal mic, with help from Nick D'Virgilio. Mark shows how to set up a mic shootout in a way that allows... Read more »

How To Mic Drums for Recording Part 2 — Four Microphones

Welcome to part 2 of this How To series on recording drums. We are focusing on the microphones used and how to get the most out of a number of different recording situations. Not everyone has the budget to go into a... Read more »

What is the Difference Between the Original Shure SM7 and the Current SM7B Microphone?

Q: I think the Shure SM7B is a great dynamic microphone for vocals and instruments, but I always wondered, what is the difference between the original and the current model? A: The Shure SM7 dynamic mic was... Read more »