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Latest SM58 Articles

Building a Relationship as a Team presented by Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/NvpxlnXxPAg Will Doggett from MultiTracks.com talks with Jesus Culture about ways to build relationships with your fellow worship musicians. After the video, learn more from Sweetwater Worship... Read more »

The “Your Love Never Fails” Story presented by Chris McClarney with Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/y-yB28Ln3W0 Chris McClarney and Jesus Culture share the story behind "Your Love Never Fails." After the video, learn more from Sweetwater Worship Connect here: Click here to see all the videos from... Read more »

Building Your Mix as a Team presented by Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/-PsspPObTa0 Will Doggett of MultiTracks.com talks to the Jesus Culture band as they explain their approach to collaboratively building a mix as a team, as well as some of the tools they use. After... Read more »

Prioritizing Your Mix in Worship presented by Jesus Culture

https://youtu.be/hwbGs-kVnL4 Will Doggett from MultiTracks.com talks with Daniel Ellis (FOH Engineer) from Jesus Culture about prioritizing the mix in a worship setting. After the video, learn more from Sweetwater... Read more »

How to Take Care of Your Microphones

A sound engineer's mic locker is the most important tool in his or her arsenal. Microphones are the first and most critical element of your recording chain. Proper care and maintenance are essential. Take care of... Read more »

Shure SM58 Celebrates 50!

Mic Month 2016 may be drawing to a close, but it's not too late for one final shout out: the Shure SM58 dynamic cardioid microphone turned 50 years old just a few weeks ago! Introduced in March of 1966 at the... Read more »

5 Must-have Live Microphones Under $200

Outfitting your live mic locker can be a daunting and expensive task. Unlike studio work, where one or two solid mics can sometimes be enough, live sound reinforcement typically requires many more mics. When working... Read more »

You Think Your Mic Is Tough?

Microphones have a tough life - especially those subjected to live sound use. You've got have a mic that can take whatever you dish out...it's got to be rugged with a capital "R." Shure SM58 and SM57 mics have a... Read more »

Shure Shuts Down Counterfeiters

Illinois-based Shure Incorporated, the largest manufacturer of microphones in the world, recently cooperated with authorities to help nail a counterfeit ring that was manufacturing and distributing fake Shure... Read more »