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Latest RedNet4 Articles

Focusrite REDNET Buying Guide

REDNET The Simplicity of Ethernet. The Sound of Focusrite. Introducing RedNet, Focusrite's amazing new Ethernet-based audio interface/networking system. Built on the powerful Dante protocol, RedNet is ideal in any... Read more »

Dante Media Networking Explained

The Dante media networking is becoming increasingly a factor in studio and other audio connectivity situations — for example, the Focusrite RedNet system is based on interconnections using Dante. If you've... Read more »

The Networking Power of RedNet Interfaces

Focusrite's RedNet Ethernet audio interfaces give you the ability to set up a near-zero-latency audio-distribution system that can be accessed and shared across a network. Perfect for large production houses... Read more »

Focusrite RedNet Digital Audio Networking System Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzRMG5aNOkQ https://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=rednet Phil Wagner, President of Focusrite, presents the RedNet professional audio networking system. Enjoy the overview... Read more »

Connecting RedNet To Computer

Q: I'm very interested in the new Focusrite RedNet system because it is easily expandable and routing everything around via Cat 5e cables makes sense to me. What are my options for connecting RedNet interfaces to my... Read more »