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Latest R122V Articles

In the Studio with Victor Wooten by Sweetwater Studios

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD3RxOKkysM Join producer Mark Hornsby and world-renowned bassist Victor Wooten in Sweetwater Studios to talk about recording bass guitar! These Nashville veterans share tips and... Read more »

Royer Ribbon Rebates

Back in the early days of recording, ribbon mics were the mainstay of studio and live miking. Then, for several decades, condenser and dynamic mics moved to the fore. But over the past 10 years or so, the ribbon... Read more »

Unusual Mic Placements

Super-engineer Ross Hogarth was just here doing an excellent recording session with legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff, vocalist/guitarist Lukas Rossi (from CBS's Rockstar SuperNova), and bassist German Briseno. (You... Read more »

Rare Royer Rebate!

It's a given, you need ribbon mics for your studio or live rig! And until September 30, 2009, if you purchase one of the following microphones, you'll receive cash back: R-122V — $200 R-122 Live — $125... Read more »

A Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mic? Royer Says “Yes!”

They said it could never be done, so naturally, someone did it. Royer Labs has introduced the latest addition to its R-Series microphone line, the R-122V, which is the first commercially available vacuum tube ribbon... Read more »