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Latest Quartet Articles

Apogee Duet, Quartet, and Ensemble Now Include Waves Bundles

Apogee Electronics has announced that their Duet, Quartet, and Ensemble audio interfaces for Mac now include Waves plug-in bundles. Customers who purchase a new Apogee Duet on or after June 8, 2015 can register... Read more »

How To Practice Effectively, Part 4 — iPad

Arguably the most versatile tool in your practice arsenal is your iPad. The number of ways to use it to enhance your practice time is staggering and still growing! The portability and versatile nature of the iPad... Read more »

Can the Apogee Quartet be Bus Powered by an iPad?

Q: Can I bus power my Apogee Quartet using my iPad? A: Sorry, the Quartet requires more power than an Apple iPad can provide. A power supply is necessary to run it.

Can I Use an Apogee Quartet with my iPad 4?

Q: I saw your iOS Update video on the Apogee Quartet with the iPad. Since it uses a 30-pin connector cable, does this mean I can't use it with my new iPad 4, which has the Lightning connector? A: You definitely can... Read more »

iOS Update – Vol 40, Apogee Quartet Audio Interface and “Free Guitar Videos” App

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqW2FxhScPI Learn more about the Apogee Quartet right here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Quartet/ Get Maestro, Free Guitar Videos, and other music-related apps right here:... Read more »

Can I use my Apogee Quartet With my iPad?

Q: I love my Apogee Quartet with my Mac, but I would like to be able to use it with my iPad. I saw that the new ones are compatible with iOS — what about my older one? A: Absolutely — all Apogee Quartet USB audio... Read more »

iOS Update: Apogee and Steinberg

Apogee Very exciting iOS news at Winter NAMM: Apogee has brought their popular audio interfaces to the iPad and iPhone! At the trade show, held in late January in Anaheim, California, the company unveiled... Read more »

Can I Connect a USB Interface to Pro Tools?

Q: I come from the old-school Pro Tools world, where you had to use Digidesign hardware to run the software. I understand that Pro Tools is now "open" and can use other manufacturers' hardware, but my friend told me... Read more »

NAMM News: Apogee One, Duet, and Quartet

Apogee announced updated versions of their One, Duet, and Quartet audio interfaces at Winter NAMM 2013. All three interfaces now support direct digital connection to iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Hands On Review: Apogee Quartet

Apogee has long been known for making top-quality AD/DA converters and audio interfaces. Now they’ve unveiled a new interface, aimed squarely at those who need several simultaneous inputs, want to control multiple... Read more »

Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 167, Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6npvgk5pnXA Mitch takes a look at the Apogee Quartet, a compact desktop interface that packs four of Apogee's acclaimed mic pres, plus Lightpipe digital I/O, six balanced line... Read more »

Apogee Quartet

Apogee has unveiled a new USB audio interface for Mac, the Quartet. As you might expect, the Quartet has four analog inputs, which can be used for line, instrument, or microphone sources. There are also eight... Read more »