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Latest MPC1000 Articles

Updates and Upgrades

Akai has announced the release of new Operating System firmware for all its current MPCs, including the MPC5000, MPC2500, MPC1000, and MPC500. MPC5000 OS update: OS version 1.02 for MPC5000 resolves 14 issues, most... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

I was reluctant at first as I unpacked the MPC1000 to do a review. First, I associated it with music styles that don't interest me. Second, making music on a "groove box" was alien to me, being a guitar player. I... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

The MPC1000 is really the first drum machine/sampler I've really sat down with and gotten to know. I took it home and tried to forget everything I know about audio and recording. I wanted to approach it with the... Read more »

Akai Goes Portable with the Battery-Powered MPC500

Akai Professional has introduced the battery-powered MPC500, the newest addition to the Music Production Center (MPC) family. Now everyone has the ability to take this popular compositional tool anywhere they go... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

When first getting familiar with the MPC1000, my greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box! From the 32 MIDI tracks, to the 64 track sequencer, backed up by the real-time processing, the... Read more »

AKAI MPC1000 Review

As someone with little sequencing and sampling experience, I was mostly concerned with ease of use. The AKAI MPC1000 put all of my worries to rest. Within minutes of firing up the MPC1000 I had created a 6-track... Read more »