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Latest M13 Articles

4 Grab-n-Go Pedalboards

Sometimes, simpler is better. Consider these situations: a small stage, a quick set-up and tear-down, a gig that requires a plane flight, a pick-up gig, a jam or rehearsal, or if you simply don't want to deal with... Read more »

Expression Pedal for Line 6 Devices

Looking for an expression pedal for your Line 6 device? Not all pedals are created equal, and some definitely work better than others with Line 6 gear. We highly recommend the Mission Engineering EP1-L6. This... Read more »

Multi-effects Live and at Home

Q: I spent a bunch of time carefully programming my Line 6 M13 multieffect at home, but when I took it to rehearsal everything seems like it changed. What gives? A: There's nothing wrong with your M13. Your... Read more »

Instant multi-effects switching with the Line 6 M13/M9

The Line 6 M13/M9 stompbox modelers are incredibly powerful and versatile units. But with up to four effects active at once, sometimes you want to turn more than one effect on or off simultaneously. Unless you have... Read more »

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Review

The line 6 M13 is the ultimate solution for guitar players. If you are anything like me, you like to use a lot of effects and stompboxes to add some colors to your tone. Since I purchased the M13, my stompboxes are... Read more »

Expressing The M13

Q: What expression pedals are compatible with the Line 6 M13/M9? I've heard that there are some that don't work properly. A: Not all expression pedals are compatible. In some cases, you may not get the full range of... Read more »

M13 and Pedaltrain

Q: I have a Line 6 M13, and I want to mount it on a Pedaltrain with a couple of other pedals. Do you know which models it will fit on? A: The M13 measures 15-1/2" x 12". You could mount it to the following... Read more »

4-wire Wiring Explained

Q: I've heard that some effects boxes can do 4-wire wiring. What is it, and why do I want it? A: Four-wire wiring requires two things: a guitar amp with an effects loop and a guitar multi-effects processor with an... Read more »

M9 and M13 Updated

Line 6 has released new software versions for the popular M9 and M13 stompbox-modeling multieffects pedalboards. (The software in currently shipping units should be current; for older units, Line6.com to ensure you... Read more »

End the Summer in Style!

Line 6 has what you need to rock the end of the summer! Inspiration is spontaneous, and Line 6 BackTrack is your guitar's "instant replay" button. Easy to use, it captures everything you play without ever hitting... Read more »

New in Stock at Sweetwater

Yamaha PSR-S700 - This arranger keyboard strikes the perfect balance between incredible functionality and affordability. The 61-key PSR-S700 offers the player a huge sonic palette, 96-note polyphony, and 813... Read more »