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Latest LA2A Articles

LA-2A Emphasis Control

Q: What is the unlabeled screw adjustment potentiometer on the lower left front panel of the Universal Audio LA-2A for? A: That unlabeled potentiometer is a vestigial item from the LA-2A's origins as a broadcast... Read more »

Why Doesn’t an LA-2A Have All the Compression Controls?

Q: I always wondered, why doesn't a Universal Audio LA-2A have attack, ratio, and release controls? How do you know where they are set? A: Those parameters are preset in a LA-2A, making it a very simple compressor... Read more »

Universal Audio LA-2A versus LA-3A

Q: What's the difference between a Universal Audio LA-2A and LA-3A? A: If we were comedians (or smart alecks), we would say, "one." But since we're neither of those things, we'll say this: in some ways, the two... Read more »

UA Rebates

Speaking of rebates and super deals, you have until June 30, 2009, to take advantage of two hefty Universal Audio rebates: UAD-2 "Pick your Plug-ins" Promotion A UAD Coupon will be issued to you when you buy and... Read more »

Analog Rebates

There are few companies in our industry that have the storied history and respect that Universal Audio has from the days of Bill Putnam through today's stellar reissues and new products, there's just no way to beat... Read more »

MOTU Releases a New FireWire Audio Interface

MOTU has introduced the 896mk3, its newest cross-platform FireWire interface with onboard effects and mixing. The features list includes eight XLR/TRS combo-style analog inputs with exceptionally high-quality... Read more »

Universal Audio Launches a Worldwide Promotion

You know Universal Audio as a high-end manufacturer of vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations. Now the company has launched two major worldwide Fall promotions. The Universal... Read more »

Universal Audio LA2A Review

The Universal Audio LA2A is one of those "holy grails" of recording equipment that all audiophiles know about but until recently were next to impossible to get a hold of. The LA2A limiting amplifier was originally... Read more »