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Latest KM184 Articles

Best Mics and Preamps for Acoustic Guitar

There are many ways to record acoustic guitars — and all are correct. Some engineers like small-diaphragm condenser microphones on acoustics while others prefer to use large-diaphragm condensers — and in some... Read more »

Condenser Microphones: How Do They Work?

As opposed to simpler dynamic microphones, which are based on a moving coil (or other induction element) in a magnetic field, condenser microphones are based on variable capacitors, which makes sense when you know... Read more »

Neumann KM 184 Review

A first physical encounter of the KM 184 can be deceiving. It's a small and lightweight microphone, unlike its sound. Based on the legendary KM 84 from 30+ years ago, the KM184 continues the legacy of Neumann's... Read more »