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Latest Jupiter50 Articles

Roland Launches Official Synth Tone Library Site

Roland has launched a brand-new site, named "Axial," where you can download new sounds for Roland synthesizers, including the Integra-7, the Gaia SH-01, the Jupiter-80, and the Jupiter-50. All of the libraries... Read more »

Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 179, Roland Synth Legends Demo Featuring Daniel Fisher

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92gkfGRTafU Hear the Roland Jupiter-80 with Roland's Synth Legends Vol. 1 sound collection, played by Sweetwater's Daniel Fisher, Director of Product Optimization. Roland's Synth... Read more »

Roland Synth Legends Volume 1 Sound Library Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRkSST5032g Scott Tibbs demonstrates some sounds from the Roland Synth Legends Volume 1 sound library for Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 keyboards. Synth Legends Volume 1 is available as a... Read more »

Jupiter Synth Legends, Volume I

Back on November 6, we announced that Roland would be releasing an incredible new free collection of synth sounds for the Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 that captured the true essence of seven vintage synthesizers. Now... Read more »

Jupiter Legacy Collection, Volume I

The Roland Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 are among the most powerful keyboard synths on the market — in a word, these instruments are awesome! And now you can make the Jupiters even more awesome (hmmm, awesomer?)... Read more »

Gig Monster

Take the stage with an intense arsenal of sensational, instantly usable sounds that are easily tweakable in real time. In the Jupiter-50, Roland fused the sonic might of their flagship Jupiter-80 synthesizer with... Read more »

MESSE: Roland Jupiter 50

Roland announced the latest member of the Jupiter family with the more compact, lightweight, and gig-friendly Jupiter 50. The Jupiter 50 includes many of the features of the Jupiter 80, such as over 1,500... Read more »