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The Ultimate Tool for Learning and Practicing Guitar?

Looking for an all-in-one centerpiece for your guitar practice room? Need a great tool for learning songs and solos? Look no further than the Boss eBand JS-8! Check out these features: Boss GT-10 guitar preamp (100+... Read more »

Boss eBand JS-10

Hot on the heels of the incredibly useful Boss eBand JS-8 is a new version, the eBand JS-10! The JS-10 adds several valuable new features: A stereo sound system with built-in subwoofer for full-range sound with deep... Read more »

More Roland JS-8 Patches

Q: Thanks for answering my question about automating patch changes in the Roland eBand JS-8. Is it possible to link guitar presets to particular songs or do you have to manually organize them to match your songs? A:... Read more »

Preset Changes on Roland eBand JS-8?

Q: After reading your Guitars & Gear article, I'm interested in the Roland eBand JS-8. But what happens if the song you're playing requires more than one sound? Does the eBand have a way to automate the effects... Read more »