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Latest iStomp Articles

Hands On Review: DigiTech iStomp

Imagine a stompbox that you can instantly change to produce any effect you want. This may sound like a dream, but it very accurately describes the DigiTech iStomp. The iStomp looks and feels like any other pedal... Read more »

Magic Fingers!

The latest e-pedal in Digitech's eight-week ROCK-tober iStomp promotion has been released. The Magic Fingers Vibrato modulates your guitar's signal slightly to produce a vocal vibrato quality. It can also generate... Read more »

Sweetwater iOS Update – Vol. 16, Digitech iStomp Downloadable Effects Pedal

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNNNIse0feY Mitch shows how you can download any effects pedal you want - anytime - with the Digitech iStomp downloadable effects pedal. He also takes a looks at the apps "Forum... Read more »

ROCK-tober for iStomp

Digitech continues their campaign to release a new e-pedal for the iStomp every week for eight weeks! The latest releases include Vanishing Point, a modulated delay where only the delays are modulated — it's... Read more »

Stomptember Rolls On!

Digitech has released the Week 4 effect for their amazingly versatile iStomp effects pedal — an effect a week is being released for eight weeks! This time out, we have Angelic Choir, which is based on a... Read more »

STOMP-tember Rolls On

Digitech is releasing a new effect for iStomp each week for eight weeks! For Week 3, STOMP-tember brings us Freeze Way, which creates cocked wah effects, simulating the effect of a wah-wah pedal fixed in a set... Read more »


Digitech is releasing a new iStomp e-pedal every week for eight weeks! For week one, the new e-pedal, was unplugged, which gives an electric guitar the sound of an acoustic guitar. Week two the new e-pedal is the... Read more »

iOS, Meet Stompbox

Hey, guitarists! You’ll be excited to know that your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad has officially arrived as a real music-making tool. DigiTech’s incredible new iStomp pedal actually lets you load stompbox models from... Read more »

Digitech iStomp

A stompbox you can run with your phone? Yes! The new Digitech iStomp is a stompbox that connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Just download the desired pedal you want to your iOS device, then install from... Read more »

Winter NAMM 2012: DigiTech iStomp

The iOS trend comes to pedals with the DigiTech iStomp. Now you can download pedals via the DigiTech Stomp Shop app and install them to the iStomp pedal in minutes. Simply hook up the included cable to your iPhone... Read more »

Sweetwater at Winter NAMM 2012 – Digitech iStomp Overview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ia4CFynW3Q Jim Pennock from Digitech introduces us to the iStomp guitar effects pedal. Now you can download pedals via the DigiTech Stomp Shop app and install them to the iStomp... Read more »