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Latest iLife06 Articles

Apple Gives GarageBand a Quick Makeover

Anyone who has used GarageBand since its introduction a few years back knows just how powerful - and user friendly - this application is. Part of Apple's iLife '06 suite, GarageBand was designed to get musicians up... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater

Phonic Helix Board 12 FireWire - Mixers with FireWire connectivity are getting to be hugely popular and for darn good reason. Every Mac comes off the assembly line with FireWire ports and PC owners can easily add... Read more »

24″ Core 2 Duo iMac!

We all knew it was only a matter of time before new Macs showed up based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Now, with the unveiling of a 24-inch iMac, the Apple line of Intel-based Macintosh computers have begun to... Read more »

A New Logic

Apple's Garage Band software is amazing, particularly when you consider it's included (along with the rest of the iLife '06 suite) free with every Mac. On the other end of the spectrum there's Apple's Logic Pro 7.2... Read more »

Getting Your Garage Band Song Into iTunes

The iLife '06 package is awesome and the best $79 you'll ever spend. Just one of the great things about the suite is the tight integration of iMovie, Garage Band, iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto and the new iWeb application... Read more »

Intel Mac Goes Mini

Here it is: The next Apple product in the company's ever expanding line of Intel Macs! Just 6.5-inches square and two inches deep, yet boasting an architecture that allows it to run up to four times faster than... Read more »

Apple’s Logic(al) Update

Wish you could run Apple's popular Logic Pro software on both PowerPC and the new Intel-based Macs? Well, Apple is about to make your wish come true. The company announced that their newest version, Logic Pro 7.2... Read more »

New In Stock At Sweetwater


New in Stock at Sweetwater

Edirol motion dive.tokyo Performance Package - This collaboration between Digitalstage and Edirol now adds MIDI functionality and a unique USB powered hardware controller that mirrors the software interface. Users... Read more »

iLife ’06 Up-to-Date Program

Apple has just updated their incredible iLife package, which includes the latest versions of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD software, as well as GarageBand 3 and a new iWeb application. Anyone who purchased a... Read more »

Macworld Conference & Expo News

As happens every year at this time, the Macworld Conference & Expo tends to dominate our inSync column. There's usually lots of introductions of new products, but this year's event, which is taking place all week at... Read more »