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How to Use an External Footswitch With the Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Q: I noticed that the Boss RC-3 Loop Station has a footswitch jack labeled "Stop/Memory Shift." This is obviously to plug in an external footswitch to control those parameters, but how exactly does it work? A: The... Read more »

How to Use AirTurn with Four Pedals

The AirTurn BT-105 comes configured with two footswitches/pedals, which most of us assign to page up/page down functions in our apps and software. But did you know that you can actually use four pedals with the... Read more »

Preset Changes on Roland eBand JS-8?

Q: After reading your Guitars & Gear article, I'm interested in the Roland eBand JS-8. But what happens if the song you're playing requires more than one sound? Does the eBand have a way to automate the effects... Read more »