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Latest Ensemble Articles

Lion Compatibility Information

Apple Logic Studio 9 and Final Cut Pro X are compatible with Lion. Be sure to download the latest updates for each. Apogee The following products are compatible with Lion (NOTE, be sure to download the latest... Read more »

Apogee Ensemble Review

I looked at the Ensemble the same way I looked at Apple's Mighty Mouse. It looked cool, but had few "normal" features. The front panel only had two knobs and a power button. But, just like my first experience with... Read more »

Ensemble Rebate

If you purchase an Apogee Ensemble together with an Apple Mac, Logic Studio, or Logic Express during May, 2009, you'll qualify for a $200 instant rebate. Time is running out on this great deal, don't miss out!

Apogee and Mac Pro

Apogee has announced that their products have been tested and approved for use with the latest Intel Xeon "Nehalem" Apple Mac Pro computers. The products the company has verified include: Symphony 64 Symphony 32... Read more »

Updates and Upgrades

Cakewalk has announced that it has updated its popular SONAR Home Studio 7 and Home Studio 7 XL software to version 7.0.1. This update enhances performance and usability across the entire application. Just some of... Read more »

Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” Compatibility

By popular demand, here is a list of the applications we know of that run on Apple's latest operating system. Keep in mind that this list is always updated in our SweetCare Technical Support Database, so you can... Read more »

A Perfect Duet

The brand-new Apogee Duet, which was officially introduced at the AES show last week, builds on the success of Apogee's Ensemble, but in a 2-channel design. This was one of the most interesting items seen at AES... Read more »

Apogee Releases Standalone Mode for Ensemble

Apogee Electronics Corporation has just made a lot of musicians and recording engineers happy by releasing Stand-Alone Mode firmware for Ensemble, the company's digitally controlled, multi-channel audio interface... Read more »

Ensemble Drivers

Apogee has announced the release of a new version of the FireWire audio driver for Ensemble, and with this release, the end of the driver beta test period. Ensemble, of course, is Apogee's multi-channel digital... Read more »

Apple’s Logic(al) Update

Wish you could run Apple's popular Logic Pro software on both PowerPC and the new Intel-based Macs? Well, Apple is about to make your wish come true. The company announced that their newest version, Logic Pro 7.2... Read more »