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Latest 896HD Articles

MOTU 896HD Review

Recently, I recorded an album for a ska band. I used the MOTU 896HD with a Creation Station Dual Core 2.6. I was amazed at the functionality of this interface. I started out with drums. After miking the drums, I... Read more »

Yes, In Fact, MOTU Does Do Windows

Okay, we couldn't resist that little bit of word play. Seems that there are now 64-bit Windows drivers for MOTU FireWire and UltraFast USB 2 audio interfaces. These drivers will ship with all current products, but... Read more »

MOTU Driver Updates

MOTU has just released several new drivers for their USB and FireWire interfaces. The MOTU FireWire/USB Installer contains a version 1.4.0 driver update for the MOTU 828, 896, 828mk2, 828mk2 USB, 896HD, and... Read more »

Sweetwater Price Reduction: MOTU 896HD!

Sweetwater Price Reduction: MOTU 896HD! Down to $995.97 from $1250, the 896HD from Mark of the Unicorn is a studio-quality, FireWire audio interface with 8 microphone preamps, 8 channels of ADAT and stereo AES/EBU... Read more »