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How to Set the Expression Pedal Parameter with a Boss DD-7

Q: I read your two tech tips (here and here) about using an expression pedal with a delay stompbox like the Boss DD-7 (which is the one I own). But how do I assign the parameter I want to the expression pedal? I want to use the expression pedal to control the delay level so I can bring it in and out for solos.

A: You have your choice of simultaneously controlling any or all of these parameters with an expression pedal connected to a Boss DD-7 delay: E.Level (effect/delay level or blend), F.Back (feedback, or number of repeats), and D.Time (delay time). Here’s how to assign the parameter(s) you want to the pedal:

1. Set the expression pedal to its minimum setting (set the treadle all the way back).
2. Hold down the built-in footswitch and connect the expression pedal. The “Check” indicator light should turn orange. (Note that you can’t do this with the pedal in “Hold” mode.)
3. Turn the parameter knobs to the maximum setting you will use for whichever ones you want to control. If you don’t want to control one or more of the parameters, set them to “Min.”
4. Press the built-in footswitch. The “Check” indicator will flash orange and the parameter settings will be saved.
5. You are ready to use your pedal as normal, with the expression pedal controlling whatever parameters you assigned.

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