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How to Connect Pedals to Studio Gear

Q: I want to use my guitar pedals in some of my studio mixdowns, but whenever I connect them to my audio interface I get distorted sounds. What can I do?

A: Using guitar pedals for studio applications is a cool way to get new sounds and to get double duty out of your stompbox purchases! However, as you’ve found, guitar pedals are designed for instrument-level signals, not for the line-level signals that most audio interfaces and mixers put out. What you need is a device that will convert the line level coming from your interface into instrument level.

You’ll also need a direct box to bring the instrument-level signal coming out of the pedal to mic level so that it can feed a preamp input to route the signal back into your interface.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: The Radial Reamping Pack! The Reamping Pack includes the X-Amp, which will interface your pedals with your studio gear, and a J48 direct box to help bring the signal back into your DAW. And the whole thing comes in a handy carrying case.

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