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Hidden Settings on the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

There are two hidden settings inside the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb pedal: Buffered Bypass and Kill-Dry. Out of the box, the HOF is set for true bypass operation; when the pedal is bypassed, nothing is in the circuit except for a wire from the input to the output jack. But, if you are using long cables, have a lot of pedals, or prefer buffered bypass operation, you can switch this function on and off. Likewise, you can switch the pedal to “Kill-Dry” operation, where the dry signal is completely removed from the signal path; this is useful when using the pedal in a parallel effects loop (where the dry signal is already present).

To make these changes, open the back of the pedal. There are two small DIP switches in the upper left corner. The various switch combinations are shown below.


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