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Hands On Review: Genelec 8260A

You have to have great monitors to really hear what’s going on in your tracking, mixing, and mastering sessions. And I’ve just spent time with some of the most phenomenal studio monitors I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing in my studio: the Genelec 8260A monitors. Did I really hear what was going on in my sessions? You better believe it!

The 8260As are midfield monitors featuring a 10″ woofer, a 5″ mid driver, and a 3/4″ tweeter. The drivers are tri-amped with 390 watts of power – plenty of power to blow you away, if that’s what you want! There are two ways to use the 8260As with your rig. You can connect them via analog connections and use them as conventional studio monitors. You can also connect them digitally to the AES/EBU outputs of your DAW’s audio interface.

Either way, they sound spectacular: huge, rich, full, articulate, dynamic, punchy, and natural. The bass extension goes way deep. The highs sparkle but are never harsh. These are speakers you can trust to be accurate, and they are gentle enough not to fatigue your ears during long sessions.

But you can take it even further by networking the 8260As together with your computer using Genelec’s proprietary GLM technology. This lets you connect a microphone and have the speaker automatically tune itself to your room via sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing). The result is stunning. Just the straight speakers sound wonderful, but when you optimize them for your space, things get even better.

Quality and capability this massive isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for show-stopping monitors to power your studio, then definitely give the 8260As a long, serious look. You won’t be disappointed. These are incredible speakers.

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