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Hands On Review: Gator G-ARM 360-DESKMT

The laptop computer has always been a supremely useful tool for musicians. It’s portable, can use batteries or AC, and can run lots of applications, giving musicians the power that once belonged only to top-dollar recording studios. But when it’s a musical tool, you rarely want the laptop to actually live on your lap. Sometimes it’s handy to have the laptop at or near desk level, but other times, when you’re singing or playing guitar, for instance, it’s far more useful to have it near you when you’re standing.

Gator, known mostly for their huge line of cases and bags, now offers the perfect mounting arm for a laptop, an iPad, or even a small monitor. It’s called the G-ARM 360-DESKMT. The 360 means you get 360 degrees of horizontal adjustment along with the ability to instantly adjust the height and angle of your device. If you’ve ever used a laptop or an iPad while recording yourself, you know that putting it in the perfect spot means you can quickly get multiple takes. And getting the right angle means that the screen is much brighter and easier to read.

A simple clamp allows you to move the G-ARM 360-DESKMT from desk to desk, and you can even mount it to the poles found in some keyboard stands. This is one product you’ll appreciate every time you use it.

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