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Hands On Review: Casio Privia PX-3

The Holy Grail of stage pianos is the ideal combination of a great-sounding acoustic piano, a full weighted keyboard, and a unit light enough for one person to carry and set up. These last two have tended to be mutually exclusive, until now. The Casio Privia PX-3 is a strong contender in the race to resolve these conflicting demands. When one factors in the extremely affordable price tag, the PX-3 is almost a no-brainer.

The Privia PX-3’s touch feels quite comfortable for those used to playing an acoustic piano. More specifically, touch is intimately linked to the sound one gets when engaging the keys in various ways. If you’re getting the appropriate dynamic and timbral response, the piano will feel good, and this is what will allow a portable keyboard to satisfy the acoustic pianist. The keys are full sized and comfortably weighted. There are two classic acoustic piano presets, which are very realistic and well balanced across the range. They have a clarity that works well in an amplified environment. The electric pianos are excellent, with 11 very usable patches. The organs are also excellent, as are the Clavs and the vibes.

For those with virtual or hardware instruments, the PX-3 presents another capability: an 88-key weighted-action MIDI controller. And with its USB port, you can effortlessly connect to a computer and run whatever software you like, such as Synthogy’s Ivory or Vienna Symphonic Library’s Vienna Imperial Bsendorfer.

But the most compelling feature of the PX-3 may be its weight. This 88-key unit is very light – an astonishing 23.6 pounds! Combined with the price tag and huge list of features, this stage piano/MIDI controller is too good to pass up!

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