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Guitars and Gear Vol. 17 – Peavey Classic 30 II and Fulltone Catalyst


Mitch Gallagher demonstrates the Peavey Classic 30 II combo amplifier, as well as the Fulltone Catalyst boost/overdrive/fuzz pedal. Three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL84 power tubes give you the power and headroom needed for everything from singing cleans to aggressive, over the top distortion. Kick on the sweet spring reverb, and you’ll wonder where the Classic 30 112 has been all your life. And considering it’s made right here in the USA, you can’t deny there’s a ton of value packed into the Peavey Classic 30 112 tube combo amplifier.

The Fulltone Catalyst distortion pedal is like three units in one pedalboard-friendly stompbox. You get very cool fuzz tones that be easily switched to more conventional distortion tones. Plus, you get very useful clean boost utility (great for pumping up those leads or maximizing other effects in the signal chain) and a great-sounding overdrive — all from a handy little box that’s astoundingly easy to use at home, onstage, or in the studio.
Enjoy the demo, then check out the gear at the links above!

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