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Guitar of the Day: Washburn NP16SE Nashville Tuned Acoustic Electric

Ah, the beautiful chime of a Nashville-tuned acoustic guitar, truly a unique sound. It can add shimmer to the sound of a recording or inspire the writing of a new song. Nashville tuning is the same tuning as a standard six-string, except that the lowest four strings are tuned up one octave, like the extra six strings on a 12-string. Unlike a 12-string, the sound of the Nashville-tuned guitar can be separated from the sound of the standard six-string in performance or recording scenarios. Think of the sound of rich, dense, acoustic guitars with a just-can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it sheen, or a recording where the acoustic guitars are big but not muddy. That’s what Nashville tuning can do.

The Sweetwater-exclusive Washburn NP16SE Nashville Tuned Acoustic Electric can give you the aforementioned brilliance and more. It has a comfortable Parlor size, with a custom-braced solid cedar top, and a mahogany body and neck, which all add to the sonic qualities of this well thought out instrument. This is not your average, “string change on your least favorite guitar for Nashville-tuning” guitar; even the bone nut and saddle are cut for the four smaller-gauge, octave-tuned strings necessary to achieve total ringy-ness.

This guitar truly has its own voice. Acoustically, the projection and volume of this finely crafted instrument are surprising, in a good way. Plugged in, the discreetly placed Fishman Sonitone electronics do an excellent job of reproducing the mojo. On the stage or in the studio, the Washburn NP16SE is your best Nashville-tuned guitar option.

Good looks, great price, and a one-of-a-kind sound, available only at Sweetwater. The Washburn NP16SE Nashville Tuned Acoustic Electric — get inspired with a whole new sound without having to learn a new instrument!

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