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Guitar of the Day: Traveler Guitar Traveler Acoustic

For most musicians, traveling with an acoustic guitar means suffering through the limitations of a small guitar or dragging around a full-size guitar. If you choose the latter, your next struggle is whether or not to bring your “good guitar” or a guitar that you maybe care less about, which means that you don’t enjoy playing it as much. Making an acoustic guitar “portable” usually means sacrificing tone, volume, and scale length in order to make the instrument compact, lightweight, and truly portable. Basically, traveling with an acoustic guitar requires choosing which sacrifices you can ultimately handle.

This is where Traveler Guitar’s Traveler Acoustic AG-105EQ comes to your rescue. This is a great sounding, fully resonant, 25.5″ scale length acoustic guitar that fits easily in an airline overhead bin. Traveler answered both the length and tone questions with one ingenious answer: the Traveler Guitar Streamline Tuning System. By putting the tuning mechanism at the rear of the guitar, the need for a headstock is eliminated, making the guitar length considerably shorter. The cut end of the string simply clamps off at the end of the fretboard with a twist of an Allen wrench. Since the ball end of the string doesn’t secure under the guitar’s bridge, less bracing is needed allowing the solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides to vibrate more freely, resulting in more volume and a fuller tone. The AG105EQ sounds much bigger than it’s 3.75″ depth would indicate.

Arguably, the most important contribution that the Streamline Tuning System makes is in the AG105EQ’s scale. This guitar features a mahogany neck, ebonized rosewood fingerboard and a full 25.5″ scale length, with an overall length of 32.25″. By comparison, a typical dreadnought length is 40.5”. Those 8.25 inches are huge when you’re carrying a guitar through a crowded airport or fitting it into a car full of people and luggage.

A Shadow Preamp and Nanoflex pickup supply excellent amplified sounds, making the AG150EQ a performance-ready instrument. Plugged in, this guitar resonates with deep bass and silky highs, with a tone that’s on par with any full-sized acoustic guitar. An MP3 input allows you to play along with backing tracks through a single output and a headphone jack allows you to do it privately. A built-in tuner makes this guitar really self contained. The AG-105 is also available without electronics.

Most importantly, the Traveler Acoustic AG-105EQ sounds and feels great, inspiring you to play, which is why you bring a guitar in the first place. The compact size and heavy-duty gig bag make it easy to handle. At the beach, on an airplane, in your hotel, or onstage, the Traveler Acoustic AG-105EQ is ready to go wherever you need it to be.

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