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Guitar Of The Day

Crafted by master builders at Parker Guitars, the amazing 4-pound Bronze Fly is a one-of-a-kind solidbody “acoustic guitar.” Yeah, we know it sounds like an oxymoron, but this guitar actually produces a rich, glossy acoustic sound thanks to the 1-piece Sitka spruce body, solid basswood neck reinforced with carbon-glass epoxy resin, and custom Fishman 6-element piezo system coupled to a Fishman-designed active preamp with 2-band active EQ for superior sound-shaping capabilities.

The “wide standard” neck has a fingerboard that’s coated with .020″ carbon-glass epoxy that plays like a premium electric, but sounds like a high end acoustic – but without the feedback! The Bronze Fly’s output can be split stereo or summed mono, with a special “smart switching” jack that senses the connector type.

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