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Guitar Of The Day

When Line 6 first introduced the original Variax, it was an overnight sensation. Who wouldn’t want a guitar that could reproduce the sound of 25 of the most sought after electric and acoustic guitars. Naturally, it didn’t take long for bass players to ask – well, maybe “demand” is the better word – for a Variax bass. Line 6 responded with the Variax Bass 700, which had its own collection of 24 vintage and modern bass sounds that deliver a veritable encyclopedia of bass sounds, including authentic upright bass and even a fat analog synth bass. Of course, having the coolest sounds in the world is useless unless they’re available on an instrument that’s built on par with the best American-made production basses. The Variax Bass 700 features an alder body, a 34-inch scale, a “player-friendly” maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 21 medium profile frets, chrome tuners, and comes in either your basic black or a classy sunburst finish. The onboard controls combine the best of passive and active systems along with powerful features like adjustable pickup positioning. The modeled bases include:

  • Vintage Jazz Bass (round wound)
  • Modern Jazz Bass (round wound)
  • P-J Bass (round wound)
  • Music Man Stingray
  • Rickenbacker 4001
  • Gibson Thunderbird
  • MTD 435
  • Hagstrom 8-string
  • Acoustic bass guitar
  • Upright bass
  • Vintage Jazz Bass (flat wound)
  • “Jaco” Fretless Jazz Bass
  • P-J Bass (flat wound)
  • Modulus Flea Bass active
  • Hofner Beatle Bass (flat wound)
  • Gibson EB-2D (flat wound)
  • Warwick bass
  • Hamer 12-string bass
  • Guitarron
  • Minimoog Bass

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