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Guitar of the Day

Given the overwhelming success of its hybrid acoustic/electric T5 Thinline, Taylor decided that the time was right to build its first standard electric guitar. Of course, with Taylor, there’s really nothing “standard” about anything they choose to do, so rather than just releasing one electric, they introduced three! There’s the top-of-the-line Taylor Solidbody Custom, the Solidbody Classic, and today’s official Guitar of the Day, the Solidbody Standard (available in either Aged Cherry Sunburst and Natural Edgeburst). All three have a similar body shape; the main difference is that the cutaway on the Custom has a more rounded shape, while the cutaways on the Standard and the Classic are more pointed. Otherwise, the basic body outline is quite similar. Both the Custom and the Standard come with a dramatically figured, bookmatched top. The Standard uses an unusual (and quite dramatic) wood for the top, which is called Tamo Ash. This Japanese timber is famous for its figuring, which falls into two basic patterns, both of which most closely resemble quilted maple. You get to choose from Aged Cherry Sunburst or (our favorite) Natural Edgeburst! Check out the photos in our awesome Guitar Gallery, and you’ll agree – they are spectacular!

The body and neck of the Standard are constructed of sapele, which some woodworkers call African mahogany, as the two woods are surprisingly similar. In fact, if this weren’t pointed out to you, odds are you’d assume the Standard had a mahogany back and neck. It’s the very same timber Taylor uses on its T5 Series back and necks. The fingerboard on the Standard is ebony, a pleasant surprise on a guitar this affordable. The position markers are simple mother-of-pearl 4mm dots, giving the Standard the understated look you generally associate with timeless guitars. Even the headstock gets a premium ebony overlay. For pickups, Taylor chose to design something brand new, rather than drop in something stock. The Standard is equipped with a pair of coverless Style 2 full-size humbuckers, which are specifically voiced to deliver raw rock power and outstanding sustain, without sacrificing overall balance or great tone. The pickups are controlled by a master volume and master tone control matched to a 5-position blade switch, offering additional sounds not usually found in guitars with two humbuckers. An all-aluminum bridge completes the package. The Taylor Solidbody Standard includes a case and free shipping via FedEx directly to your door.

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