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Guitar Of The Day

Left-handed guitars have never been easy to get. Manufacturers aren’t usually keen on retooling for such a small market, which is why Jimi Hendrix took the simple route and just played a standard right-handed Strat upside down. Well, Fender feels your pain, so they’ve started releasing some nice “southpaw” versions of their best designs. Our example here is an American Stratocaster “Lefty.” Aside from the left-handed construction (which is cause for celebration for plenty of left-handed players), this is a really nice instrument with features like hand-rolled fingerboard edges, three staggered singlecoil pickups, 5-way switching, and the “must have” 2-point synchronized tremolo. Right now we also have a 3-color sunburst with the jewel-like polyurethane finish in stock. It has a maple neck and fingerboard with the modern “C” shape and a 9.5-inch radius.

This might also be cool for you right-handed players who want to see what it feels like to play upside down like Jimi did. You’d then have the “over-the-top” trem, just like Stevie Ray preferred, as well as the reverse-angled treble pickup, which some people swear is one of the reason’s that Jimi’s Strat sounded so cool.

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