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Guitar of the Day

If we think of today’s solidbodies as highly evolved, electric versions of the original “Spanish” steel-string acoustics, then the Parker Nylon Fly is the natural evolution of the “Classical” guitar. And much as your electric guitar doesn’t sound just like an amplified steel-string, the Nylon Fly isn’t just an amplified classical guitar. The one-piece Sitka spruce body is joined to a solid basswood neck that is reinforced with carbon-glass-epoxy resin to provide strength that belies the Nylon Fly’s amazing 4-pound weight. The “wide regular” neck shape and a fretboard coated with .020″ carbon-glass-epoxy makes for easy playability. The sound of the Nylon Fly comes from Parker’s use of a 6-element Fishman piezo system, matched to a Fishman-designed active preamp. This combination produces clear tone and sustain without feedback worries. An active 2-band EQ also provides sound shaping capabilities, and the Nylon Fly’s output can be split stereo or summed mono, with a “Smart Switching” jack that automatically senses the connector type.

With a fairly hefty price tag, this is no “extra” guitar that you’d carry on stage or into the studio for one or two songs. This is a serious instrument for guitar players whose number-one priority is achieving a rich, beautifully balanced nylon-string sound at high volumes or for recordings. It’s meant to be used as your full-time, main axe. As such, there is really no other guitar in its class. Parker doesn’t build many, but we have one in stock right now with a standing order for as many as Parker can deliver. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for pricing and availability.

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